Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Punkin' Chunkin' Good.........................."

Good Morning;

Nothing really new to talk about today except for the bizarre little scene that I watched last night as I sat out on the patio at the Mt. Washington Starbucks. A guy, white, between 25 and 40, scruffy looking and shifty in his actions, comes from behind the buildings next to the Jones Falls and goes in to the recycling dumpster and pulls out a large cardboard box and unfolds it to see how long it was in relationship to his body. So far nothing strange, I do it all the time when I am 'refreshing' my But this guy promptly walks about 15 feet from the dumpster, steps up and over the low stone wall bordering the river and proceeds to lay down on his box out of sight in the weeds on the narrow, flat ledge of the stream bank. If this was under cover of trees or bushes it would not seem so odd, but this under the open sky and appeared to be some sort of attempt at concealment, and he kept sitting up and looking around at random intervals, and at one point got up and walked along the stream towards the parking lot, where there is more tree and bush growth, then came back and lay down again. The other couple on the patio and I looked at one another and remarked on his behavior. At this time he walked up towards us on the patio, looked at the door into the coffee shop and saw the sign saying that the door was locked at dusk...( went into the cul de sac of the buildings and out and around the other side and across the parking lot past Whole Foods. I went in and gave a heads up to the young ladies who were working, Ashley and Veronique, to be very observant when they left the building after closing up. I had to leave to catch the bus then, and when I was crossing the Light Rail lot, there, coming down Smith Ave. was this guy. I watched for a second and saw him go over to the Light Rail platform and then lost sight of him as 2 trains pulled in. I just caught the bus, so I could not tell if he got on the train or not. I'll see when I go to the coffee shop today whether the girls had any problems or not.

My personal philosophy falls some where between "Stop Snitching" and "Big Brother IS Watching", I tend to observe and ignore most actions on the street, unless I feel endangered, or there appears to be potential for harm to an innocent bystander or victim, or when an action infringes upon my (admittedly variable, to meet situations and circumstances) sense of justice or propriety. But, when you feel a 'bad vibe', and something seems suspicious, the first instinctive gut reaction is usually right on the money.

Okay, now to the lighter side.

Some one sent me an attachment to an e-mail that contains a really cool short power point slide show of some amazing carved pumpkins, I can't figure out how to import it so I went to this guy's website and it is even more fascinating, and with a much larger content and variety.

His name is Scott Cummins and the URL address is,

Be sure to check out the gallery, (click on at upper right hand side of home page), and the Frequently Asked Questions...(FAQs)... some of his answers to silly and/or dumb questions are great.
Allan is here is and if he has not left yet is going to buy me lunch at Boston Market, (this week only there is a "$1.00" .." ONE DOLLAR ".. special of a 3 piece dark or Quarter white meat meal with mashed potatoes and cornbread, look for coupon online, copies are OK.
........later .................Dave

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