Saturday, October 10, 2009


Hello, back again;

There are empty computers here so I jumped back on for a minute. I am in need of cash; again, as usual, I have $150.00 in food credits and no more cash.

Anybody need anything from the food store? If we could do a trade, (dollar for dollar, no charity is asked), I can meet you. Call me on my cell. Or meet me in an hour (4:00 pm + or - ) at the Mt Washington coffee shop. Or somewhere tomorrow morning. (Or e-mail me, I'll check it Monday [or sooner if I can] and we can meet later in the week.)

Sunday I am going to Lutherville on the train to spend the day with Anna Marie, wash clothes and shower, and watch football and 'tailgate' in the driveway. (See this is that 'NORMALCY' thing, I was talking about in the previous post)

The library is open on Sundays now, so I may be online tomorrow, I missed last Sunday, due to 'circumstances beyond my control'...LOL.

Allan is here, so maybe I can get a ride to Mt Washington. I've got a salad waiting for my lunch and I've got enough $$ on me right now for coffee and a bit of 'Russian Rocket Fuel' to put in it. (Since I think it will be 'foosball sans biere' tomorrow)
{I'm really in the mood to sit around with a bunch of folks (not just guys) and chug down a bunch of beers, and laugh and talk a little to loud and get a little silly and stupid, but, unless YOU invite me, I've got nowhere safe to do this, [Not that I would EVER try to use this forum to bring a guilt trip down on anyones head, as I sit here all alone and saddened at the thought of my freindless existence.........hee hee hee!!]....and for financial reasons, a bar is not in the picture right now.}

See you later, (again), ..............Dave

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