Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Angels In America......................Liquid Air...................."

Good Morning;

Well I'm back at the library again this morning after a trip to the Giant to wash up, shave, shop, and make an eagerly awaited deposit in the "Bank Of Back River". 
(Talk about blessed relief!
One good episode of serious constipation really puts certain physiological priorities into their proper perspective:

When the body was first created, all the parts wanted to be Boss. The brain said, "I should be Boss because I control all of the body's responses and functions."
The feet said, "We should be Boss since we carry the brain about and get him to where he wants to go."
The hands said, "We should be the Boss because we do all the work and earn all the money."
Finally, the asshole spoke up. All the parts laughed at the idea of the asshole being the Boss. So, the asshole went on strike, blocked itself up and refused to work.
Within a short time, the eyes became crossed, the hands clenched, the feet twitched, the heart and lungs began to panic, and the brain fevered. Eventually, they all decided that the asshole should be the Boss, so the motion was passed. All the other parts did all the work while the Boss just sat and passed out the shit!
Moral Of The Story: You don't need a brain to be a Boss----any asshole will do.

Last night was so foggy that the air at times seemed to change from a gas to a liquid! After I dried off the picnic table behind the library, opened the case for the portable, digital TV and turned around to plug it in and turned back....everything was dripping wet again. Once the TV was on and warmed up it was OK, but the cords and antenna stayed beaded with running droplets of water, as did the table and the surface of my bags. I ended up alternately watching TV and nodding out until close to 2:00 am. when I went around the corner to layout the cardboard and my sleeping bag and blankets. Barry and Mark were already there and passed out and snoring, with any smooth surface covered with water. Barry's sleeping bag, Marks down jacket, (which he had wrapped around his feet??), and their assorted cups and bottles, Mark's strange bike, (a folding bike with a friction drive motor mounted on the rack over the rear wheel, I am not sure if it had a tiny gasoline engine or a battery pack), his golf spikes, (which seemed to be his only pair of shoes--?)...etc.

Any 'soft' items looked to be getting soaked through, paper bags, blankets, cloth, etc.; and I know that Barry's sleeping bag, like most nylon shell types, will only remain water resistant/repellent for so long, and they had been there since at least 10:00 pm., 4 hours earlier.
When I laid out my stuff I did not have these problems, probably because of the combination of being under the awning with the bigass security light that was powerful enough to dispel the fog in a small 'enclosed' local area, and this allowed them to equalize or acclimatize to the same temperature as the surrounding air....though the plastic garbage bags covering my folded cardboard and the one that I had been using to haul the sleeping bag around in did get beaded up.

It was so warm at 2:00 am. that I was sleeping on top of the bag barefoot. At around 4:15 am. the temperature dropped and I crawled into the bag after pulling on my socks as it began to rain. The shower was heavy but only lasted about 30 or 40 minutes. I woke up every hour on the hour until I began the process of getting up, dressing, and packing up at 8:00 am.

And that brings us to the start of this post, then back to here.
As soon as I finish up here, and that is very soon, because I'm falling asleep at the keyboard with my fingers on the keys, spitting out random letters......making the screen like what the laptop is!

I ran into my friends Gerry and Malka as I was coming in and say and talked with them for a bit. They told me they saw the latest City Paper column and commiserated with me on the passing of the shed to the great 'junkyard in the sky'..........LOL!)

At the Starbucks yesterday after I left here I ran into my friend Michelle who teaches at MICA. We caught up a bit on events and she also expressed condolences about the shed. We are meeting next week to discuss this idea she has about having me come and talk to her class about living without a home and read some of the blog posts-columns-and/or- my poetry. The overall theme of this semester's class is "Home", in various iterations, including the 'absence of ..'
More as it develops.
As she was leaving I asked to borrow $5.00 so I would have enough to get the tickets for "Disney On Ice" on October 24th, which is opening night and half price/bogo ticket day. When I got down to the First Mariner arena box office it turned out that prices have gone up since we went last winter, and I was still about 2 bucks short. When I told the girl in the booth to go ahead and try to find the best tickets she could in the cheap seats and mentioned that she had waited on me the last few time I had been down over the past 2-1/2 years for the ice shows and the circus she looked up and recognized me. Even more so when I mentioned how this was a continuing traditionbwith both my daughters and on to my grandkids, and asked her to do the best she could because I was on the street, and this was something really special to us.
She played with her ticketing computer and was able to get me the good seats for  $16.00, almost $14.00 cheaper than the half price rates!!!
(And a funny coincidence...HER name is Jennifer!)

Times up gotta go

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