Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"Good And Bad --- Part Two.........."

Good Morning;

So.............It has been a longer break than I thought since the last post.
Between the laptop being completely out of commission at the moment, (due to a broken power cord), the library being closed on Monday for Columbus Day, ending up at Jenn's Sunday evening thriugh Monday afternoon and not having a chance to get on their laptop, and not running into anyone at the coffee shop who wasn't too busy to let me use their laptop for anything other than a quick check of my e-mail,...well.... to quote the Steve Miller Band "time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin', awa-ay".

To continue where I left off.....

So without falling back into that descending spiral of depression I was headed towards when I left off on Saturday.....I'll garage that train of thought by stating, the process has been set in motion to meet with a Psychiatrist, (an MD.), that I both want and need to see.

After leaving JAI I caught another 'bus from hell', this time loaded to the limit and beyond with Baltimore City Public School kids.....of the Middle School variety, (and I think that requires nothing more in the way of explanation!!).....to the overloaded rush hour Light Rail to Mt. Washington, to the coffee shop.
While standing to the side of the condiment bar, OUT OF THE WAY!!, taking a cautious sip of the steaming hot coffee to see if I had gotten to my proper level of sweetening...(1 sugar crystal short of instant 'Adult Onset Type 2 Diabetes' a 'courtesy challenged, manners impaired, common decency deficient' POS customer reached around the corner of the hallway, from behind my back, (while the front of the condiment bar was completely open and accessible!), to grab a fistful of napkins, slamming into my back and jolting my elbow, sending me stumbling into the counter and splashing boiling hot coffee onto my face, hand & arm, and chest, (and my last clean shirt). I verbally exploded with a range of earthy and primitive comments spiced with various expletives, singly and in (at times colorful but physically impossible) combination. The 'perp' at that point continuing her headlong, 'Damn The Torpedoes' rush out the door turned and looked and asked..."Did I do that?" in mock innocence, with a poorly concealed snicker. I answered her in the affirmative with comments interspersed questioning her familial lineage, inter-species sexual partners, and if she had been birthed and raised in an agricultural outbuilding!

After changing into the least objectionable, (and luckily only to me, the people whose judgement I trusted said they smelled nothing wrong with it) shirt from my previously worn ones and got ANOTHER cup of coffee, this time without incident, I had a normal night of conversation and reading. Without the laptop to play/work on, the time has been going much slooooower at the Starbucks, especially if there is no one there to talk with.

The ride back to Pikesville was uneventful and as I was talking with one of the bus drivers who I had not seen for a while who was now back on the 58 route I mentioned writing for the City Paper. Before I could reveal that I was writing the Homelesscide column, the bus driver started telling me about "this great column you should read, by another homeless guy!"......LOL! When I told him it was me he didn't believe me until I showed my ID with the same name......LMAO!

I was still laughing when I got all set up on the picnic table behind the library, but it did not last long when I saw Barry, leaning over the garbage can with it's lid removed, puking his guts out! I gave him a bottle of water and a wad of paper towels and went back around to the table and watched TV for a couple hours. As I was setting up my cardboard and blankets and sleeping bag I saw him get up, walk 3 or 4 steps across the side walk and proceed to unzip and urinate all over the small plot of grass by the parking lot....NOT 8 FEET AWAY!., (Just about the same stupidity Mark showed the other night!!.....ANIMALS!). This just added to the odor in that corner where they sleep, and is going to really PISS OFF, (pun intended), someone from the library staff.
Homelessness Rule Of Life Number One And One/A  ---:

DON'T Shit In Your Own Nest!
Never Shit Where You Eat!

The above is an example of why many people want nothing to do with anyone once they find out that they are homeless, the few spoiling everything for the many.

So after cussing Barry out, and having all my words fall on deaf ears, I went to sleep. I woke up Saturday morning with the Sun, rearranged myself so that the brick pillar blocked the intruding rays and went back to sleep until 8:00 am.
I went to the Giant to wash up, use the facilities-(!!!),  and make coffee.
And the shit continued it's downhill slide.....
As I was walking back from the bathroom, passing through the frozen food aisle, my left leg flew out from under me and I started to fall. Trying to catch myself against the freezer doors did not work and I went down hard, with my right leg twisted at an unnatural angle beneath me. At the sudden stab of pain emanating from my right knee and heading up and down my leg, I screamed and two Giant employees and a few customers came rushing over. After sitting for a few minutes I was about to get up when the manager came by and said to sit for a few more minutes and took my name and phone number and asked what had happened. I told him that I had just felt my leg fly up and started to fall and saw that there was a small puddle of water on the ground.

After determining nothing was broken, I got up and slowly limped to the bench in the front. It did not feel as if anything tore inside, and I am fairly positive it is a severe sprain/strain.
Any other store I would scream for a lawyer and head off to the hospital in an ambulance....but not here. There is too much that has been done to lend me a hand at times here.

But there should be some compensation for my inconvenience and discomfort due to their negligence

Corporate is supposed to call me...perhaps an amicable arrangement can be made....more as it develops.

I'm out of time here...all 3 hours :(


P.S.....A teaser for the next post.....I fell again on Sunday!

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