Monday, October 15, 2012

"Canton Cat House On The Corner......................"

Good Afternoon:

So........I've been at my cat/house sitting gig here on the edge between Canton and Brewers Hill since 5:30 Friday afternoon. I've left the apartment only 3 times, once to run past Monkee's Friday night, (and what a pleasure to travel without any baggage...actual physical baggage that!), and once each on Saturday and Sunday to walk down to the corner to check on Lauren's car. She is the friend of Jenn whose father's cat/....[Zorro, who is shaped like a python who just swallowed a hog, and acts tough, but is a fat, spoiled, softy once you start petting him and find his 'sweet spots' behind the ears and on the]..../apartment I am watching/staying at.
(She left her car and borrowed his for some reason.)
I was going to go to D.S.S. but I couldn't get to sleep until after 5:00 am. and I am beat. I'm planning on going tomorrow.

It has been such a relief to just be able to stay in one place and not have to go here and there just to do something as simple as go to the bathroom or get coffee, to say nothing of sleeping in a bed, and one that DOES NOT hurt my back !!!!!!

For reasons I cannot go into detail about here, I am incredibly grateful and extremely humbled by the trust placed of those involved in arranging this gig. They run the gamut from Jenn, who obviously knows me and my past and present issues first hand, to her friend Lauren who knows me and knows about me, but not in the same detail, to her father Peter, whom I have never met or even spoken to.
I would just like to say to all three, I am honored that your belief in me looked beyond the surface of my present condition and saw something deeper that gave you the confidence to trust me, that I was above the temptations placed in my path.
Thank you, I passed beyond them and will continue to think and act in such a way to prove worthy of that trust......


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