Monday, October 1, 2012

"Week In Review........Fantastic Fan .........................Laptop On Life Support.................."

Good Morning;
Well......It's been more than a week since the last post, and that has been due to a variety of circumstances.
One of which is that I have just been so damn tired in body , mind, heart, and soul.
I have not been 'feeling it' as the saying goes
, and I also think my muse is off on another one of her extended 'lost weekends', and until she stumbles back, bloody eyed and trembling, and sleeps off the hallucinations and creative inspiration is on hiatus.

So....a quick recap of the missing week.....
Last Sunday (the 23rd) I had just arrived at the Starbucks in Mt. Washington after a mostly sleepless night behind the library fighting the laptop keyboard to a standoff, trying to write and send off the current City Paper column, (see previous post for link). My phone buzzed and it was Jenn with an emergency text pleading for help in moving them from the apartment in the m-i-l's basement in Monkton to the house they are renting near Hampstead. The torrential rain on Saturday halted the move and on Sunday everyone bailed on their promises to show up, and they had to return the truck that evening. After bolting down a quick cup of coffee and a sandwich I headed to Hunt Valley on the train to be picked up.

When we got to Monkton it was late afternoon and the air was cooling down. Inside it was warm and stuffy because of the piss poor job of construction that covered over the windows, allowing NO ventilation. So I ended soaked to the skin and alternately burning up or freezing and shivering with cold chills.....NOT a funtime! We finally got the truck loaded and unloaded and went back to Tom's mother's to bathe, (the boiler would not light at the new place). As I was getting out of the shower and toweling off I realized I had somehow lifted, twisted, stretched, or pulled something in my back and shoulder, on top of exacerbating the arthritis and host of other musculo-skeletal issues I am dealing with. Why the f*ck is it always ME the old fart with the messed up, broken down body that ends up showing up when all the younger unreliable, irresponsible "friends" don't?

In any case, Jenn had needed me to watch the grandmonsters Monday night and Tuesday, Tom needed help on Thursday night picking up a washer and dryer he was buying form some guy in Hanover Pa., (in the pouring rain of, and again Friday watching the it was 10:30 pm. Saturday night the 29th before I got back here to Pikesville, and spent the next few hours puttering around the Giant, the gas station saying hello to Daniel, watching a little TV, and scavenging clean cardboard to lay on, (which is pretty much a nightly thing, because once I saw Barry take and use cardboard I had stashed....well, between his urine/feces/tobacco stink, and his history and indifference to insect infection..I was NOT taking the chance of his having used any before me

Yesterday, Sunday the 30th, I was up and on the road early to meet Evan from the City Paper at the Giant with the balance of the cash due from my check for the column. Then it was over to the East Side to see Monkee and get 'bupes' for the next 10 days, back on train, (buying a monthly bus pass while at Johns Hopkins station), to old Ct. station to catch the bus to Pikesville and the RiteAid to get 4 more prescriptions refilled, then back on the bus, to the train to Mt. Washington and the coffee shop. John gave me a ride back to the Giant and I waited out the next wave of storm cells, hoping it was the last of them, and that the sidewalk by the library was dry. It was , and after spending a few hours watching TV and fighting the laptop, I laid the cardboard out and the blanket, and then the sleeping bag and went to sleep. (After a half a dozen semi-coherent attempts by Mark the Crackhead Caddy to start a 'conversation'[?], which I ignored.....because listening to his 15 minutes of pissed off muttering and grumbling and talking to unseen companions beats the hell out of having to beat him over the head with a board...literally! get him to disengage from an unwanted conversation!!!)

Today dawned sunny and cool, but warmed up rapidly as the sun rose above the State Police Headquarters complex and I was at the Giant and in the bathroom by 9:00 am., shaving, washing up, making coffee, and putting on fresh clothing from the skin out. It made a big difference in the way I did the conversation I had with a young woman as I was stowing my bags and prepping my coffee.
She was watching me and walked over and asked "Are you Dave?"
I took a closer look at her 4-5 year old son, did the mental math, and came up with'Too Young....I'm Safe'....( Hey I've been celibate so long that I'm about to become a 'Born Again Virgin'...{You didn't know?....After 7 years of celibacy, jail time NOT included, you get your 'cherry' back!}........[again...but to use a well worn phrase....'that's a story for another time'!]...........and answered "Yes", she then went on to say that she reads our little blog here and enjoyed it. Well I enjoy having my ego stroked as much as anyone, (and when a beautiful woman does so.....that's a whole slew of 'bonus points' this added to an already nice day!...(and the way things have been inside my head recently...."NICE" is the equivalent of 'freakin' awesome'!

So Lauren,....for reading, recognizing, and approaching me, (and your generosity), .....many thanks!
"For All You Do....This Blogs For You!"

And by the way, I'm at the Library because the power cord on the laptop just died too....and the battery is good for 7 I'm not a happy camper.
And it seems that each day another piece of clothing rips, tears, or just plain disintegrates.
My nerves are so shot right now that I've chewed my fingernails bloody, almost down to the first knuckle....and the frustration of having an inoperative computer....and no place to leave not helping.

Anyway, times is nearly up here and I've babbled enough......


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