Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Good And Bad......Part 3........."

Good Afternoon;
So...I'm back at the library after spending the morning having a CT scan done of my  abdomen and pelvic area. I've been having pain on the left side most likely the spleen, and from the lower spine through the hips and ass to the left leg, most likely a result of the tumor on the sciatic nerve.
The results should get to my doctor in 2-3 days, I'll have more info as it comes in.

I closed with the comment that I fell on Sunday also, well as I was leaving the Starbucks to go over to the Light Rail I stepped on a stone on the steps with my left foot, causing my left leg to slip and IO began to lose my balance. As my right leg came down too hard, too fast, and my weight was placed on it unevenly, my right knee twisted and buckled and I went down on my left side again, butt, back, and arm, scraping up the inside of my wrist in the process.....and spilling A WHOLE FRESH CUP OF COFFEE!!!.....(LOL!.....except for the pain). Now the left leg and knee had just healed completely from the injury a few months ago and the right knee is fine when I am not putting any sideways strain on the pivot one does upon standing and getting up from a chair, shifting positin while sitting, or even just changing direction going around a sharp corner, etc. Then I have a fiery shooting pain that makes me see black for a second, with an involuntary hiss of indrawn breath. Even rolling over in bed..(Bed...HA! I made a remembering to shift the leg from the hip first can be a real trip.

I got a call from the insurance company investigator/adjustor for Giant and was told that I basically have no case, but they would give me a $50.00 gift card, (Giant I assume, I did not pursue it farther at this time). I really don't want to get the lawyers involved, and I'm willing to settle for a small amount....but $50.00 seems a bit insulting.
I need to speak to someone with legal training immediately, hopefully one of the attorney's I know who frequent the coffee shop will be there today.

After I left the library and before I got to Starbucks yesterday I finally was able to walk into the S.S.A. office and file the second part of the paperwork that the HCH caseworker and I filled out last month. The anxiety attack was still enough in it's lessened state to have me shaking like a leaf in a hurricane, to the point where I could not hold a pen steady enough to sign the forms. The woman who was taking the claim was very kind and helpful though and I was able to do so after a few minutes of relaxation exercises.

I just received an e-mail from HCH, that Margaret was able to get me an appointment tomorrow at 2:00 pm. and will pick me up at 1:30 pm. at the coffee shop.
That is great, because the thought of the hours of waiting in line for the first intake was haunting me.

Times Up again....


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