Monday, October 29, 2012

"REO Speedwagon......Bob Dylan......&......Me...."

Good Evening;

Well......I'm inside, safe, warm & dry, with a full belly, clean body & clothes, and at the moment there is still electricity, cable, and Internet up and running. For all my blessings I am truly grateful. And at the root of all the immediate tangible and intangible things I give thanks for is the kindness, generosity, and trust shown to me by Lauren, who knows me, and her father Peter, who doesn't, in allowing me to cat/apt. sit in his home while he is in the hospital. This was not a situation brought on by the approaching storm because I've been here over 2 weeks already, though the serendipity is not to be dismissed.

The above link is to the blog of the latest follower to sign on to my  "exercise in exorcism" as I sometimes call our little blog here.
(Thanks ChaChee!)
It is a fascinating glimpse into the heart and mind a very interesting young woman, and I really like the mosaic layout that came up as the default view. You can switch between half a dozen other modes also, but I think this one is the coolest for both style and the juxtaposition of content. 
Check it out!
So....Saturday afternoon, after hours of dithering and being sucked back into YET another episode of "Pawn Stars" by the teasers at the end of each one, and an hour of effort on the laptop researching Walmart, Target, & finally K-Mart, for jeans..... I hit the streets.
I caught the 3:08 pm. #13 bus to the #5 bus at Washington & Preston Sts. and went to the K-Mart over in Cedonia and found a pair of jeans that fit, (and I am NOT happy about it either, I have not worn this large a waist size in ???, holy sh*t! it's been over 30 years!, since I got truly huge and went on the "liquid protein fast" and lost close to 100 lbs.!! That was the largest I have ever been, close to 375 lbs., and I'm still much less than that, but still way too fat!!), a 50 Waist. Time for a major change in diet and eating habits!

I also stopped in the Giant, on one hand because I had some (really good!) coupons for some needed paper goods for the kitchen here, and on the other hand because I love the Giant, and hate the Safeway! 
I also got some milk, eggs, and a few other essentials. I was lucky on all 4 buses, with only a few minutes wait between connections, and was home before dark.
Sunday I vegged out until just before 8:00 pm. when I decided I needed to take a walk and went to the Safeway because I needed a loaf of bread. I was going to stop in at an NA meeting right around the corner on the way back, but I putzed around the Safeway too long and then the rain started for real and I felt too wet to stop in for the last 10 minutes anyway. This is a meeting I used to go to regularly when I was living in Fells Point and I knew John and Denise would be there, as it's a half block from their house, and, I wanted to see who would be there I knew or used to know. Maybe next week, same thing for the Friday night meeting, which I forgot about until it was over

Last night and today I cooked off all the food that was in the freezer that would go bad if not cooked. Everything I have now is either cooked, cured, or canned, or 'add water to', and can be eaten without warming.
Plus it will keep longer.
I never made it outside today, the wind has picked up to the point that walking back uphill to the apt. from the waterfront could very well resemble those video clips of mountain climbers on Mt. Everest battling upslope......and I don't have an ice axe/walking staff!! 

I'm out of here for now, gonna walk through the apt. again to check the couple leaks in the roof and make something warm to eat while I still can, the wind is something awesome right now, 47 mph wind gusts here, with some I know are MUCH higher when they get funneled down the narrow street. And the power is flickering in the area, so I....

WHOA!!!!!! Just saw a huge freaking wind gust take a small compact car, (possibly the tiny Toyota, I cannot tell for sure??) that the driver had just opened the door of and spin it 270 degrees!! The wind came down the street and hit the open door and the interior of the car like an empty plastic cup and spun it 3/4 of the way around, stopping only when the tires were up against the curb! No one seems to be hurt, thank goodness. shutting down here and leaving FB & my Hotmail up and running and
on until the power goes....too bad that even though the laptop I'm using has a great battery....the wifi here is plugged in to the wall. :(
My phone is down to 2 minutes, so I'm not answering or using it, and please no texts either, until November 1st, when it reloads....
but if you e-mail or FB msg. me, if I'm still online I'll hit you back.
Meanwhile, I'm inside cat sitting, warm, dry, and about to eat and have a small libation, and what else could I ask for... I'm set!


(of course I would like to modify one of the above to;
 ............"human and female"!     LMAO!!!!!!!)


(And the title is 2 appropriate songs.....c'mon, it's not that hard, 2 people have asked me "wha?"!)

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