Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Idiots Delight........................Or..........................'I Love The Sound (But Not The Smell) Of Morons In The Morning'............"

Good Morning;
 So....not too much new to speak of today.
After the library yesterday I went to the coffee shop, John gave me a ride back here after they closed and I was able to snag some clean cardboard boxes from the recycle dumpster there that were both tall and wide. When opened and stacked there was no need for any jigsaw puzzle moving and re-moving differently shaped pieces to get a pattern that was both long and wide enough, and not riddled with overlaps and seams and gaps that either slid apart in the night or made it impossible to get comfortable due to lumps and bumps.

I watched TV until 1:00 am., when I was sure the two idiots were asleep, then went and lay down myself and went to sleep. It was still very warm and humid so I lay down with my socks off and wearing shorts on top of the sleeping bag. It started to rain about 4:00 am. and I put on socks and opened the bag and slid in but left it unzipped and went back to sleep.
I was awakened at 5:45 am. to the sweet sound (and stink) of morons fighting and arguing about one throwing the others boxes away....and then each was having their own conversation with the the same time! Barry starts talking and you can't get him off a subject or shut him up, or even get his attention without figuratively hitting him between the eyes with a 2 by 4 !....(while wishing you could do it literally!!!!!!!)! And on top of that he is freaking loud and in a corner surrounded by brick walls that amplify and reverberate his voice.  I literally had to tell him to "Shut The Fuck Up!!!" to get him to Shut The Fuck UP!

Well after they finally left about 6:30 am. I stripped down and dressed while it was still not quite full daylight and no one was around yet, (except the guys in the State police garage across the parking lot, but they ignore what goes on, and tried to doze....but no luck other than a few 5 minute 'power nap' periods. During one of which this guy had walked up and was standing almost out of sight next to one of the brick pillars, upwind, smoking, (or so I thought), a cigarette.
He had the damn thing between his fingers behind his back, just sitting there spewing smoke into the breeze blowing towards my face, taking maybe 3 puffs off the whole cigarette.
So....Fuck it....I got up, packed up, stacked/packed/& wrapped MY cardboard then stashed it over and away between a building and a fence, out of sight  and Not! the library, and  headed to the Giant to use the restroom and make coffee.
Then back here and I am now leaving as my computer time is all used up for today....

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