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Friday, October 5, 2012

"Library Blues.................."

Good Morning;

So.....back at the library this morning, falling asleep again.
I was so tired last night that I kept dropping the TV while trying to watch it.
After nodding out at the picnic table half a dozen times I forced myself to get up and pack up and head around the corner and lay out my 'bed'. Barry and Mark were already there snoring away, with a box of donuts on top of the payphone a pair of stinking socks lying in the middle of the sidewalk and trash scattered about.

I actually had contact with both of them, at different times, last night. I was setup at the picnic table with the TV, [...  no cord yet for the laptop :(  ...], when he walked past towards the Giant and returned a short while later with a box of donuts scavenged from the "Dunkin'  Dumpster" and offered me one. He was mostly coherent and as rational as he gets, telling me about his girlfriend Diana and her dialysis, how 3 members of her immediate family had committed suicide, his plans to become a photographer, and everything you could ever want to know about balloons, balloon animals, balloon decorations for events and how to construct arches and canopies, etc...etc...etc...etc............'ad infinitum'! He is quite smart in a 'wild magic' type of way. I finally had to bluntly say "that's enough, I have to go sit down now....goodbye and see you later!" not rudely, but forcefully. Social cues are not his forte`..............lol!

My contact with Mark was less pleasant. He came around the corner, almost to the stage of 'stumbling drunk,' that point where overcompensation to try and keep from looking drunk makes one move like a marionette, saying "Hi, Hello Sir....It's me 
Mark... in various iterations, over and over.  He shuffled down the ramp of the loading dock and proceeded to unzip his pants, (this time), prior to taking a pee, not 7 feet away from me! I broke into his broken record drunken monologue, saying "Whoa!...WTF are you doing, don't do that here head over to the bushes or the trees!!!" before he got started. He began spouting something about "only gonna take a piss" and then "Sorry, Sorry, I apologize!!" and began walking up the ramp and away from me. I thought he was heading back across the parking lot....but when I looked up he was only just past the top of the ramp, beside the farthest of three small dumpsters peeing on it. This put him about another whole foot away, in a straight line, invisible from the chest down......still too freakin' close for comfort, not to mention common decency and sanitary and olfactory reasons!! I was uttering a few choice comments about his ancestry, hygiene, intelligence, and mating habits as he finished and walked away to go and pass out,....still babbling! He has habit of mumbling half heard and unfinished statements at the best of times, and more so when he is drunk. At the best of times he is the dictionarydefinition of an asshole!

For some reason I could not get more than 15-20 minutes of sleep in a row without waking up and then taking 10-15 minutes to fall back asleep....not a restful night. Barry left at around 6:00 am., (I have to ask where the hell he goes so early), and the asshat drunk, who usually leaves at the same time left on his weird bicycle at 7:45 am. as I was finishing packing up. I cleaned up some, throwing away the box of donuts on the phone and some of the bigger pieces of trash....I also put the large sheets of cardboard stashed behind the payphone conduit and mounting brackets in the recycle dumpster, hoping that the repeated disappearances will discorage them and lead them to find other places to sleep.....again!

Yesterday I had to speak to one of the gentlemen working here at the library about the situation, the smell, and the dirt beginning to accumulate in their corner. I wanted to disassociate myself from them. Ken said he knew that it was not me, and that he would pass it on.

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