Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Ducking The Bullet!!!!!!!!!!............."

Good Morning;

Well......All my preparations and precautions were finished and I was as ready as I'd ever be for Superstorm Sandy's, (that is the agreed upon nickname for the storm by all the TV weather people), visit.
So of course the only direct effect was a few small leaks in the kitchen ceiling/roof. I put out a bucket, a trash can, and a bowl, and placed a plastic garbage bag over the wooden table in the kitchen and the things I could not move out of the way.
And after 36 hours the grand total of accumulated water in all 3 vessels was less than 2 quarts. And once I figured out the water on the table was just mist blown over from the drip hanging on the vent housing every time the heat came on, and I  closed the louvers, the plastic was not needed anymore.

So I have/had (the quantity is mysteriously diminishing) a bunch of cooked food ready for the microwave....if it makes it past the loaf of bread and the mayonnaise that is.....LOL!

Power, Cable, problems, other than a couple of flickers and a couple of interruptions for periods just long enough to make the clocks need resetting.

I had/have been flipping between The Weather Channel's and WJZ Ch.13's coverage of the storm, it's track, characteristics, (a hurricane with freakin' blizzard conditions!!??....THAT is awesome!), intensity, destructive power, and resulting devastation and tragedy in it's aftermath.
For all the loss of property here in Maryland, concentrated mostly in Ocean City, Crisfield, and Eastern Baltimore County, with varying amounts throughout the rest of the state, we were lucky as hell compared to New Jersey and New York, and parts of coastal New England.
Places like Atlantic City and the lower Manhattan Subway system got slammed! It is hard to believe that this one single weather system covered nearly 1/3 of the continental United States!
As flippant as I may sound, my thoughts and prayers go out to all those who people who who lost their homes or worse, family and/or friends.
It makes me more appreciative of where I am and so grateful be here.

I haven't left the apartment for 2 days but I need to head over to Pikesville tomorrow  to get to the RiteAid to refill prescriptions before the month ends...           (at midnight..but I don't think there are too many pharmacies open ...and my bus pass expires.

And then I MUST  get to D.S.S. because I think my Medical Assistance expires too.

I don't have a monthly pass this month because cash is below $7.00 again, and I don't have another column slot to fill until NEXT Wednesday at the earliest, which means the check would be there that Friday. I hope the Food Stamps can be expedited too.

Anyway, it's bedtime,


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