Thursday, October 11, 2012

"The Cat Whisperer........................... &....................Calling Animal Control................."

 Good Morning; I've said before, it seems that there is no middle ground in my life, only extreme peaks and deep valleys. Yesterday afternoon I got a text from Jenn telling me to call one of her good friends about a chance to house and cat sit for her father while he is in the hospital and a rehab hospital...for about 5 weeks or more. An indoor bed, shower, washer/dryer, TV, kitchen..and on/near a bus line..was I interested?
Does the pope sh*t in the woods?
Is a bear Catholic?
Hell yes!!!!!

I am meeting her on Friday afternoon/evening to go to the house, (which is Canton by the way.....sweeet!) to get the keys and instructions etc.

When I left the Starbucks last night I had to swing by Monkees to get a single tablet of one of bupe because I had taken the last quarter the night before. I had thought I would be getting a bit of cash yesterday but the person never showed up and I had to ask for it on credit. I need to get back down by Friday night because Saturday there is the Baltimore Marathon screwing up most of the buses that run through downtown, making an hours trip into a "three hour tour".
After leaving Monkees I took the bus/train/bus back to Pikesville and stopped in at the gas station in time to see the O's play the last 3 innings of a 12 inning game, tied up at 2-2, eventually losing it 3-2 to a home run in the bottom of the 12th inning. The ALDC is now 2-1 Yankees....they HAVE to win tonight to stay alive!

When I got to the library I watched TV for a while until it got too cold then went and set up my bedding. The other 2 guys who are sleeping there, (and in the process of ruining it for everyone by pissing almost in the corner where he sleeps-Barry, or pissing in the loading dock area, near the picnic table where employees eat their lunches at times-Mark, who is also drinking and leaving his beer/booze bottles in plain sight)
I saw Barry get up and start peeing and said something and he said..."I do it all the time here", as if fouling your own nest is justifiable by repetition. I tried to tell him that people have been complaining to the staff about the smell, but he just began mumbling and talking to his invisible companions. Mark started making snide comments at this point, but half under his breath, nit man enough to say anything out loud. He made a few disparaging remarks about blogging, and I just told him he was an asshole, then rolled over and tried to get to sleep.

If these animals want to live in their own droppings fine, let them do it somehere else.If I see the guard here tonight I'm going to mention it to him, and if my police buddy drives by again as he usually does....well maybe he'll 'notice' the beer bottles on the ground.....

It was pretty cold last night...comparative to previous nights out here on the sidewalk recently..and I kept waking up because the zipper on this sleeping bag will not lock and creeps open as I toss and turn. My feet were chilled and I ended up pulling a plastic garbage bag over them around 5:00 am. to hold in the heat. This time it didn't get condensation on the inside like it did in the shed when I had tried it.....less temperature differential maybe?

Anyway, I have to head over to the bus stop to get to the coffee shop early and scrounge a cup of coffee before meeting with Margaret from HCH.


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