Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Afternoon Delight........................."

Good afternoon;
Actually it is good morning for me, I just crawled out of 'bed', (and I use the term, about 10:45 am. I woke up to go to the 'bathroom', (again a liberal, around 6:30 am. and since it was still reasonably cool in comparison to the past 2 weeks, I went back to sleep for a few hours. When I did finally wake up, I just lay there for awhile, having no real reason to be anywhere, or do anything, or see anybody. This was the first true sleep I have had in weeks, (last night I 'slept' through the noise of the workers and machinery, but that was because I was so physically exhausted that my body just shut down and I passed out), and between yesterday's shower and being rested, I fell pretty good, despite the fact that the 'end of the month fiscal funk' has again reared it's ugly head.

I'm down to $1.43 in coin and $0.46 left on my card, no refills on my blood pressure prescription, and I have to wait until Tuesday to before I can get in at the clinic, only 1/4 of a 'bupe' left, and the only food I've got left is about a dozen Pringles left in the can and 3 slightly smooshed hamburger rolls, (I have eaten today so I am okay until later tonight................burrppp.......pardon me! It looks as if I am going out to the corner, like it or not, when I finish here. I've got some research to do on Google, and some e-mails to answer, so of course it will be during the hottest part of the afternoon when I get outside...........hmmmmm?...maybe I can rummage through my bag and look for loose pennies, if I can find 4 more cents, I can get a cup of coffee at the Starbucks, and kill the rest of the day inside drinking the free refills....(or put a buck on the Keno, and see if..."Luck Be A Lady Tonight"...for real).....Oh Yeah, I forgot to mention, the Giant's coffee urn was bone dry, so I am nearing a caffeine, (or lack of) meltdown..........decisions, decisions...(tune in Monday for the answer)

Yesterday, Rachel and I had a ball. She rode the "Super Chicken" on the carousel, (a rooster painted red and blue in the manner of Superman's tights and briefs, with the yellow triangle with an 'S' in the center on the breast), and since she was the only one on the merry-go-round, and the little hip hop teeny bop girl who was the attendant was on her cell phone having an important conversation with her home girl, 'dissing' another girl gangs 'ghetto scabulous' (verbatim!!!), look at the club the night before, Rachel had a really lllooonnngggg!
We then spent an hour and three quarters of so playing in the fountain, until the storm clouds stopped building and blowing over and just kept growing. After we dried of and changed into dry clothes, which is easier to find a place for a 5 year old to do so than an adult around Harborplace, we went over by the Constellation, (the Frigate...not the friggin' over charging parent company of BG&E), and had soft ice cream, ($$$ saving tip, at the ticket booth for the ship tours at the Constellation pier, there is also a soda and ice cream window...prices are $1.00-$2.50 lower than any where's not Ben and Jerry's or Rita's, but if you've got little kids or you just crave sft serve, it's pretty good), and fed the sea gulls. We hurried through the beginnings of the storm, making it to the shelter of the Metro just as the skies opened up. We came out of the underground section of the subway in the tailend of the storm and got off at Old Court sa the Sun came back out. We went to the Giant for 'Lunchables' and used the courtesy phone and called her mother to say we would be in the library in a few minute and could she pick us up there....well they were in the Giant at same the time and Rachel got a big kick out 'surprising'
After i went back to the house and got my dry laundry out of the dryer, I got dropped off on Reisterstown Rd. and took the bus up to the Starbucks, it being too late to try to go and panhandle by then. I sat and read, and waited out Another series of storms until 11:00 pm., when I took the bus back to Pikesville and the old homestead...'Rancho Rauncho' and went to sleep.....(did not even go into the gas station and try my $1.00 at Keno).......and here we are, full circle.
Well, I'll be checking my e-mail on and off for the next hour..( at the tone the time will be.... 1:35 pm.....and 30 seconds.........................BEEEEP!.......) so if anyone wants me, write phone is down to the last 2 minutes and I am not answering it except for Rachel's moms number.
If anyone needs a drinking partner and wants to buy me a beer today/tonight, I'd be happy to oblige you,..........for humanitarian purposes only you understand.
See you later.........................Dave
P.S...someone at the site that supplies the daily quote screwed up
it is the same as Friday's

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