Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Movin' On.....Movin' Out....Movin' Up...................."

I just checked out my Friends' website..
and on the Ever Changing Page portion, the latest post just kicked me in the head. I left a comment there that also can stand alone as a thought here, so I copied it and pasted it.
Inette and ‘Iokepa;
Aloha, and thank you for one of the most powerful and personally meaningful pieces of writing that I have read here. The struggle between faith-fear-faith is a universal constant for all of us who strive to understand how to live in a manner that is in balance, with man, with nature, with “God” (as defined by each one individually).As the ties that bind me here are frayed, break, rot, snap ,and/or are cut, my desire to embark on a journey such as yours, both in a physical and a spiritual sense, grows daily. The thirst for knowledge, perhaps even enlightenment, begins to mesh with the call to travel, to experience somewhere new. Your stories give the hope I need, that I WILL have the strength to let go of the material. Now, what keeps me bound in place is mainly the fear of hurting or losing Rachel. I read you words and feel them inside me, and am heartened by the idea that I WILL know when the time is right, when I am ripened, so to say, when I am Ready. Again, I thank you, for your words, and your friendship…

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