Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Welcome Back My Friends, To The Show That Never Ends.............Come Inside, Come Inside, Come Inside..........!!!!........."

Good Morning;

First, a disclaimer regarding the spacing and layout of some of the posts, and especially their titles......"It Ain't Me!!!....", thank Sometimes the site or the computer seems to have developed self awareness and changes the way the aforementioned items look. I DO check the preview before I click publish, but on occasion the results are not what I approved..........Hmmmmm?
Deja Vu, or Flashback?

"Hal, open the pod bay doors please!".....

....."I'm sorry Dave I can't do that..........."


An Astronomical-Scatological-Sociological Observation Derived Through Passive Semi-Covert Surveillance Gathered And Collected By Non-Invasive Natural Physiological Optical And Aural Techniques While Traveling Both At Random And With Specific Destinations On All Three Forms Of Public Mass Transit Vehicles In The Central Maryland Vicinity; And At Their Related Support Facilities, Depots, Stations, And Termini; Compiled From Direct Quotations And Actual Verbalization's Of Subjects And Their Own Opinions Of The Metropolitan Area In Which They Live; And Then Reviewed And Analyzed To Safeguard Against Subjective Stereotyping And Profiling Resulting In An Objective Conclusion Hereby Rendered Into The Colloquial And Vernacular And Presented As a Ratio As A Technique To Express Said Conclusion In An Easily Visualized Manner For Mass Impact To The General Public:

"Baltimore is the Asshole of the Universe.........and 90% of the people here are.....'Just Passing Through!!!'..."

Further dissection and analysis of the irony of this statement is left to the student, with the instruction to remember the circular logic involved, in that the commentary is inclusive of the commenters.
{The author of this study wishes to make clear that it is perfectly understood that objectivity was strictly maintained, and in no situation did the author participate in any of the 'oh so intellectual' discussions which it was his 'privilege' to be party to.}

[For purposes of veracity and credibility the author also wishes you, gentle reader to know that if asked his personal and professional opinion of the above conclusion, derived through the most objective and emotionally distanced scientific means possible within the parameters of the study, it would be a reasoned and dispassionate, well thought out and composed..........

"DAMN SKIPPY!!!!!!!!"
The author also desires to inform the audience now reading this publication that, of course, he has both presumed and assumed that you, the reader are obviously a statistical member of the "10%"..... (unless of course you still have not figured out what exactly it's all which case........Flush!!)


Someone asked me yesterday why I both damn and defend the 'ex', Rachel's mother, (sometimes even in the same Well, obviously it is a classic love/hate scenario, but mostly because I can understand and empathize. Hell, I have the same root problem, though with a different vector......UNUSED, UNTAPPED POTENTIAL!!!!!! We are BOTH better people than we are allowing ourselves to be..... 'Nuff said?
So...I never got out yesterday to find any cash, so by this morning I was feeling really uncomfortable, and getting near the point that the physical and the psychological effects of oncoming withdrawal could begin to cloud my judgement....(HA!!, as if it is 'crystal' in the best of situations.........LOL). The overnight visit of 'Baltimore's Finest', and the subsequent temporary detention and release after 8 hours, with either no charges being filed, or having been dropped, and the strange 'disappearance' of any paper involved did not help. (Stay tuned, more to follow in a forthcoming episode.......[am I a child of the "TV Age" or what].....) I went from downtown to Monkee's early this morning to beg a Buprenorphine, and after hearing about my comedy of errors, she allowed me to add to my line of credit.....which is an example of the difference, even out in the street, that can be seen with someone who is 'dependent', rather than 'addicted'. The sense of urgency is no less to prevent the body from reacting to a need for a chemical, But the ACTIONS, ATTITUDE, and APPEARANCE between the two is unmistakable! The thought processes that are prevalent, (up to the point of actually being "ill", or in active withdrawal, for those whose dosage is very high), differ in that one can focus and refocus on varying options or plans of action, rather than the narrow tunnel vision of addiction, which tend to break down to a version of "by ANY!!!! means necessary, no matter what the cost", if one is able to even complete the thought. I am at almost the same situation I was in when I left the library yesterday, except for the reprieve of having meds to hold me until Monday. The relief is palpable, for some reason I have been in a state of unusual calmness, (except for the occasional 'bitch session', and attack of the "I gotta get some intimate contact" I have my $1.50 rebate for coffee from, and had half a dozen 'mini-cups' at the Giant. There is some chicken for a sandwich in my bag. I've got a fresh disposable razor with which to perform some DIY facial resculpting...(NOT intentionally...these razors are very, very sharp, AND, very, very cheap....ow!, Ow!, OW! I am going to go to the coffee shop to eat and drink and see if I can find some one to trade some cash for credit at the food store, (and while I am composing my letter to Santa, I may as wish for someone to let me shower, and if possible wash a load of clothes), {hey if I'm going to fantasize, why not go all the way, maybe I'll find a lover....[or at least a "liker"] too...........LOL....(kind of) ...... by the way... these ARE not so subltle hints!!! I really do have to get out on the street though, I went past what I used to consider "MY" corner and not only was Joseph the (legitmately licenced) water and soda man already there, so was some white guy I have never seen before, so I came out here. Tomorrow, Sunday, is usually a good day if I can get the corner, it is 'church consciousness and guilt day', the people who cannot see you 6 days a week are miraculously cured of their blindness,.........sometimes.......,Hallelujah!!!........! I may try this afternoon, I want the cash, but it is so hot, and I can rationalize so
Anyway, somebody come visit me, I want company, just be warned the humorously twisted and ironic Dave has decided that today is his personalities turn to come out and play!.......LOL!!! (Kinda picture "Q" from 'Startrek : TNG')
Well, it's stuffy in here and I am hot, hungry, horny, and happy,(slaphappy, that is), I'll see you....?????..someone, anyone, c'mon, I know you're out there, I can here you Starbucks...........or I'll be back here Monday, (unless and this is only a thought, Rachel and I go out to the Towson library on Sunday), ...........Later............Dave
p.s.....oy vey...again with the spacing

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