Friday, August 28, 2009

"Let there be light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Good Afternoon;
Well it's Friday afternoon and I'm in the library avoiding the rain,
last night was enough for me! I just made it into the shed at 10:45 pm. before it started and when it stopped about 10 minutes late I thought it was over, that's what I get for thinking! Around 30 minutes later the lightning started and did not stop for 3 hours, the thunder faded in and out, and the rain stopped and started,(and I was able to rearrange pieces of cardboard stuck up in the ceiling to compensate for the new cracks and crevices that have appeared due to the extended dry period and the streak of 90 degree days we had, so I stayed rreasonably dry..EXCEPT for this extremely mobile leak that kept changing locations every time I decided that I had it plugged up at last and lay it the Chinese Water Torture, or waterboarding.................but......aaarrrrrggghhhhh!!!!!.............LOL), but the lightning kept up, the shed is full of holes and cracks that allow a little bit of air and a lot of interestingly shaped fragments of light in....(these are besides the water leaks), the lightning storm was centered right over me in Pikesville, and the intensity of the flashes was such that I was treated to a wonderful light show, better that most rock concert laser shows!! only I had had some 'Pink Floyd'-"Dark Side Of The Moon" to go with it, (and some nice sticky purple...........sshhhhh!!!)
Anyway....I have been going down to the I-83 ramp the past few mornings to catch the tail end of rush hour, I wanted to get out earlier, but circustances, such as being up all one night having to run to the gas station to use the bathroom, and then falling back asleep, or the buses and trains screwing around and making me miss connections, and increase travel time to a ridiculous level, or, when I do get there early enough, the 'crackhead junkie bitch' is already out there, which means the cops will be there soon to run her off or lock her up, and I am NOT hanging around for that.
But, I made enough for meds and food, and if I can get $30.00 I want to take Rachel out to The State Fair in Timonium...............
Times up..........later.........Dave

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