Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"An Unexciting Day...........But Not Boring Or Depressing........For A Change........"

Good Morning;
Todays forecast calls for a cooling the way down to the upper ' I am on my way to pick up Rachel at her mother's and while I am there get my head shaved again and take a shower. After that we are going to walk to the food store and put together a little picnic lunch...and sit on the bench or walk acrosss the street to a little tiny park and eat, (and then go BACK to the food store and get the ice cream for dessert...[Rachel's instructions!!!] I've got the food credit on the card to do this, but no cash, so if we can get a ride we will come back here to the library, if not, we will just take a walk home the long way around her neighborhood.
Yesterday, there was absolutely nothing of any special interest to comment on. A typical 'heat avoidance' day. I went past Monkee's real early to pick up a couple day's of my meds, the hit the coffee shop and ate , drank, read, talked to Rachel on the phone, and watched videos until I caught the bus back to the shed at 11:40 pm. Lost a buck at Keno and went to sleep.
I'll be back later if anything exciting happens or tomorrow if not.........

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