Saturday, August 22, 2009

"My Sentiments Exactly........OR........Proud to Be Politically Incorrect!!...."

I just saw the greatest tee shirt, it had a picture of Stewie, from "Family Guy"..(on of THE most wonderfully outrageous shows on the idiot box!!!), and the quote...
"I Like You....When the world is MINE, Your death will be quick and painless."
Such compassion, a true reincarnation of Albert Schweitzer or Mother Teresa!
And right after that, I saw 2 'yo boys' asked to leave the library, because they could not complete a sentence without at least 10 'YOs', 6 ' Bitches and/or 'HOs' and a dozen 'niggas', richly interspersed among all this was every possible version of the word "F*ck", used as a noun, verb, adverb, and adjective....quite frequently appended to the word 'Mother", and all uttered at top volume across the room, while wearing headphones.
(And before anyone calls me a racist, one of the assholes was white, of the genus commonly termed..'wigger')
Until HIS time comes, all we can do to help, is euthanize the terminally stupid, the incurably uncivil, and the irredeemably rude............oh, and all the 'geniuses' who wear the waistbands of their pants around their thighs!
Or, as Bill Engvald would say....."Here's Your Sign".....

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