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Monday, August 24, 2009

"Let Us Now PRAY/PREY.............................."

Good Afternoon;

I was at the Starbucks last night, sitting outside after closing, when a woman and her daughters, ages 6-ish and 11-ish (?), came out of the BaskinRobins and sat at one of the tables. The girls quickly got uo and ran screaming down the sidewalk and stod thee a few storefronts away pointing and screeching at the huge bug that was about to 'get them'.....lol....... It turned out to be a adult Praying Mantis, in the prime of it's life, flying around and bouncing off the glass and the lighting fixtures and occasionally resting on the back of a chair or clinging to the bricks. Being the repository of so much useless 9in most cases), but fascinating trivia that I am, I of course told them it was harmless to people, and did not bite, and was actually a beneficial insect that was protected by law. After the kids, Annika and Aja..?..(Asia), lost interest their mom, Dawn and I went on talking, covering subjects from the mating habits and sexual proclivities of the Mantis and the Black Widow Spider....(and many of the psychotics that I have dated, when I forgot THE!!! 'Cardinal Rule Of Romance'...---..."NEVER Sleep With Anyone Crazier Than Yourself!!!"...and boy do I have the scars..and I'm not talking emotional....lol.....to prove it!!!....See warning in red below.),
Reprinted From WIKIpedia:
The reason for sexual cannibalism has been debated, with some considering submissive males to be achieving a selective advantage in their ability to produce offspring. This theory is supported by a quantifiable increase in the duration of copulation among males who are cannibalized, in some cases doubling both the duration and the chance of fertilization. This is further supported in a study where males were seen to approach hungry females with more caution, and were shown to remain mounted on hungry females for a longer time, indicating that males actively avoiding cannibalism may mate with multiple females. The act of dismounting is one of the most dangerous times for males during copulation, for it is at this time that females most frequently cannibalize their mates. This increase in mounting duration was thought to indicate that males would be more prone to wait for an opportune time to dismount from a hungry female rather than from a satiated female that would be less likely to cannibalize her mate. Some consider this to be an indication that male submissiveness does not inherently increase male reproductive success, rather that more fit males are likely to approach a female with caution and escape.
to the kids fountain at the Inner Harbor to passages from Ecclesiastes to living on the street, ....etc....etc.....etc. it was a nice time. And as she was leaving, she hands me a five dollar bill.....I am grateful and touched at both her generosity and her graciousness.
Dawn, if you are reading this..please stop back some time and I will buy you a cup of coffee, I enjoyed the company..(the girls too...lol).

It is funny how so many strange subject act as icebreakers for me, to allow my natural gregariousness to overcome the currently depression fed shyness with strangers that really does affect me, though those who know me do not get a chance to see it in action....(duh....thank you 'Obvious Man' for that redundancy.......lol).

I kinda figure I'll meet the next woman I get involved with romantically....in an auto accident....oops, been there--done that;......or maybe in a 12 step group....oh yeah, ditto;......or perhaps in the ER/OR/ICU/Recovery Room of a hospital....hmmm, now that I think about it, I can reference some of those scars mentioned previously to this one...lol.....; or at a Halloween party, with both parties in costume..or in total pitch darkness until the next morning... when meeting 'face to face' as it were for the first time......"No,No,.....we're SECOND cousins....it's cool"...'trick!! or treat??';....
or Anonymously, on the Internet, in a chat room for "??????"....never happen, you say......(ROTFLMAO!!!....have I ever mentioned my daughter Rachel);.....or at the resort hotel, with one member of the family working in the kitchen with me...and the other working in housekeeping in the laundry...(so we always knew which rooms were available...lol), and me not knowing they were related until Joann asks me how serious it is with Dawn..(NOT the young woman from last night), and when I try to gracefully as possible under the circumstances, (I was a wee bit "vulnerable" at the time, ) evade the question, she responds with.."Well, being her mother I think I have a right to know....."!! yikes!!, talk about a conversation stopper.......lol...(Fenwick Island/Selbyville, Del.....there is a reason it is called 'slower Delaware'......and it is not referring to the pace of life.....).......; For me a "normal relationship" was one where I was 100% sure of my partners gender and she was not actively trying to kill me..........LOL!!!; Well it was always so insane, there were the sisters who were born exactly almost to the minute, one year apart on November 19th, who I stayed friends with and dated almost up until the day they each married (someone else but me....lol).
I've refined my needs and desires to the minimum these days, having realized that every woman is beautiful. I do have three 'written in stone' qualifications/qualifiers that I insist on these days though;
Number One is a Practical...AND!!!! Practicing, knowledge of personal hygiene!
Number Two is....................A PULSE!!
Number Three...(and I am willing to waive this one for extenuating circumstances)....no Oustanding Felony Warrants!!
Here is a short and touching poem on the ups and downs of...
Hit me, beat me,
Kick me when I'm down...
Stab deep, and twist the blade....
Ah love!!....ain't it grand.
thank you.....
Anyway enough silliness. Yesterday I went past Monkee's early, this one pill at a time deal can get to be a drag, time and transportation -wise, then hit the corner about 10:30 am. for around 2 and 1/2 hours, it was actually quite pleasant for a change, at least until the dope fiend showed up and tried to get me to move so he could have 'my' corner. I told him no, and he eventually went away to the otherside of the street until somebody chased him off for bothering his girlfriend at her car window. I ended up with $20.00 and had decent meal and finally got some real coffee in me. I went to the cofee shop in the afternoon and read and watched Jerry Lewis' "The Nutty Professor", baet the hell out of the Eddie Murphy remake, the special features on the disc, about Jerry Lewis' career after he and Dean Martin split up was as good as the movie. Did you know that he invented the video system that all moviemakers now have on the cameras that allows them to immediately see what the scene will lok like on film??? Neither did I!...lol.
I am going out now to the corner and then down to Monkee's to pay her and get enough of my meds for a week if I can. tomorrow I am supposed to go back to D.S.S.,....AGAIN! I wish they could figure out what is what so I can get to the doctor's and get my prescription for blood pressure meds.
time is up..........gotta go....see you later...................Dave

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