Monday, August 10, 2009

"Hot Time...Summer In The City............"

Good Morning;
It's 10:00 am. and 88 degrees already, it's gonna be a scorcher. On days like this I purposely try to limit any unnecessary travel, since very few of the bus stops are in the shade and not only do I want to avoid heat stroke, but the sporadic accessibility to shower facilities must also be considered.

(I'm going to get on my soapbox for a minute here and rant about one of my pet peeves...."The Wonderful World Of Personal Hygiene"..........or.........."Introduction To Deodorants 101" I sit here trying to breathe shallowly through my mouth so I do not vomit, because the reek on the man next to me at the computer is actually visible, I am amazed at the amount of total lack of concern that some people display about the way they smell..strike that...stink!!! I mean holy f*ckin' sh*t, I'm living on the street, sleeping on the damn ground in a poorly ventilated shed that reached 110 degrees yesterday before I opened the door and flapped a blanket to fan it out as much as possible. I do my morning ablutions in a restroom at the Giant or the coffeeshop, and bathe and do my laundry when and where I can.......and I still manage to stay, I consider, reasonably clean, if not 'morning Fresh', [and even when I think I am offensive, others tell me I am fine and express wonder at how clean I stay]. Some of these walking hunks of Limburger Cheese are wearing expensive clothes, getting out of upscale air conditioned automobiles, and the only time they spend outdoors is the time it takes to walk from their air conditioned homes and offices to their cars, and back. I am not talking about people who are working up a sweat at their jobs or the gym, etc. With some of them it is ethnic or cultural, and even though I am nauseated by their odor, I can understand the cultural shift and shock faced by the immigrant. But jeez, middle and upper class Americans, who grew up here, are familiar with customs and mor`es of our society. (I know that some people are trying to live 'natural' (and I personally know of quite a few) and refrain from using chemicals, but these folks wash their bodies regularly, and often. It's the clueless and cruddy that really set me off..... imagine being jammed together on a train or a bus, with one...or worse having someone whose aroma.... makes being stuck in traffic on a hot day behind a garbage truck, and your windows are stuck open and your A/C is broken...seem like a breath of fresh ocean air...sitting down next to you in a restaurant, just as you are putting a forkful of food in your mouth. okay, now that you have stopped you see my point?............NOW..I am on a third computer so far this morning, and the person next to me keeps turning his head to stare at me for some reason, and this "mouth breather"...[and I use the term in both the figurative and literal sense] is not only giving me the benefit of the results of his wonderful oral hygiene and gum care program....{I'll leave the state of his teeth to your creative sensibilities}, but also his visual and aromatic display of the after affects of multiple means of tobacco intake......lovely.

Watch this...............sshhhhh....


[..that's better, he's very, very focused on his own screen]

I now return you back to my rant, which is already in progress........Hey guess what, I can mange to carry around a toothbrush and toothpaste and deodorant and soap from the dollar store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The least these morons could do would be to take the 'Little Tree' air freshener from the rear view mirror, tie it around their necks and walk around ringing a bell and intoning..."unclean...unclean...."........OR......and I realize this may be a radical idea to some.....TAKE A FRIGGIN' BATH!!!!..........LOL!!)

Okay, I feel better.......

Just a quick review of my Saturday and Sunday. I made it to the Starbucks around 5:00 pm. or so when I left here, after watching Jimmy Stewart in "Harvey", what a great film!
{Elwood P. Dowd is my new hero.....I'd love to meet him an Harvey at Charlie's for a martini....I want a pooka too!!!}
But I settled for coffee that day, ( and it never even got to be "Miller Time" either ),
Janis stopped by as I was sitting ouside after they closed, and we talked for a while, then I caught the bus to the gas station and the shed.
Sunday I went up to the coffeeshop around 10:30 am., and it got to be so hot I told Rachel we would go out another day this week when it cooled off. I spent the day eating and reading my book and the Sunday Paper..( that now takes about 13 minutes), and doing the crosswords until Nathan walked in. It is always a pleasure to talk with him, we tend to see the same irony and black humor in the daily idocy reported on in the paper. As he was leaving Olga came in and told me all about her lousy time in Miami with her "new ex boyfriend" I gave her a lift with a kind of sweet and corny sentiment that I had written for her and then went to the English to Ukranian translation website and put in her native language (and cyrillic alphabet, so I was not real sure of the syntax of the translation, it turns out that it was very literal, but not in a proper form, FYI...if you use any of these sites, most of them are what are called "machine translations", not colloquial....), it was pretty much correct, enough so that she smiled and blushed and hugged! She left (her 18 year old son walked home from the gym, instead of waiting for her..and of course he then realized that he did nit have the keys to the and came back near closing and we sat outside with some other regulars, and she went off to the movies with one of the must be my latent lesbian tendencies that makes me such a good [girl]friend,....always a bridesmaid.....never a bride. As I was sitting there enveloped in an aura of sweet melancholy, reaching for the phone to call her, my other new 'non-romantic love interest', Janis, pulls up. (This proves that there obviously is a God.......I just don't see 'Intelligent Design' being programmed with such an ironic sense of humor!!!! Well 35 minutes after she said she could only stay for a minute, she left and I wandered over to the bus stop. The cop who had been sitting across the parking lot on and off most of the night stopped and asked me if I had to schedule appointments at the table or did I allow walk-ups too. [There had been 3 other girls/women (one singly and two others with friends) who had sat down at the table next to me and we ended up in conversations]................LOL. The bus came, I played my Keno at the gas station, (lost $2.00 this time, but it took 30 minutes of play), and I went and aired out the shed as much as I could. I read for a while and went to sleep about 1:00 am. Not 30 minute later I was awakened by the forklift and the shouting of the workers from the Giant construction crew picking up supplies from the lot next to me. After the forklift was done, about 45 minutes later, some of the crew, (or should I say "crude") were hiding out avoiding work until after 4:45, cursing and laughing at the top of their lungs....need I say it was not a restful night. I got uo with a back ache and a head ache, went to the Giant to change and wash...and here I am......................see you later....Dave

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