Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"No Brake Lights...No Skid Marks..........NO MERCY!!!!!......"

Good Evening;
Well I am here at the library this evening thanks to the grace of God, and NO thanks to the ignorant, self centered, self involved little, "Why should I pay attention to traffic laws" Orthodox brat who was talking on her cell phone as she drove over the curb while looking at the books she checked out of the library, not bothering to watch the road as she sideswiped me as I crossed the street on a GREEN light!!!, Then did not stop after I fell down, and gave ME a dirty look...still yapping on her cell phone! I am slightly bruised and scratched, but okay. Although I did not get the license tag...I DO know the car, and the driver!!!!! Winesses wanted to call the police, but I put a stop to that idea quickly.....I'll deal with it at a future date.
News Flash!!
Scientists Isolate "STUPID" Gene;
ALL Prospective Parents To Be Tested, BEFORE Having Children,
Related Item;
Comic Bill Engvald Out Of Job;
Says, Quote.."It's Worth It!"
Monday evening I tried to go out to the corner, but the cops were running everyone, everywhere off the streets...
Oh Yeah..that's right Monday Night Football was in town.....and of course Baltimore has no poor or homeless people on the streets that the national news media might accidentally photograph or
Yesterday, and today, I hit the corner around 8:00 am. for a change of pace, I have to get out there tomorrow around 6:30 am...
It's closing time..I'll be back in the morning.........Dave

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