Saturday, August 8, 2009

"The Human Body Is 74% Salt Water............or..........I Wanna Go To The Beach!!!!!!!....."

Good Afternoon;
Another Saturday.........yawn.
As I was leaving here yesterday I sent an e-mail to my new friend Janis, telling her I was going to the coffee shop if she was going to be out and about. She called me right away, even before I got out of the library, and said she would see me around 6:00 pm. or so after she was done babysitting her grand baby while her son and his wife went to shop for a car. I was pretty thrilled that she was coming up, and that she had read my poems and wanted to return my master copy. Well they (the kids) ended up buying a car and did not get back until near 10:00 pm., and she did not have my phone number with her, I kind of figured that something of that nature had happened, so I was only slighty disappointed, not really let down. As I was in the Giant about 10:00 pm. she called and explained and asked if I was in the 'shed' yet I told her no, I'd be sitting in front of the Starbucks until about 11:40 pm. when the bus showed up. She came up just for a 'minute' to drop off the poetry, and 40 minutes..(lol).. later she left. I sat there and had a "Sushi Tuna Steak" sandwich..( with discount card and price reduction, the fresh tuna steak, studded with cracked pepppercorns was only $1.75, can't beat that price!!!), then caught the bus down to the gas station. I played my $1.00 worth of Keno, winning a dollar or two each time and replaying that, until I lost, took my initial $1.00 and went to bed. I woke up around 4:00 am. and could not get back to sleep, until 7:30 am., woke up around 9:00 am. and wnt to the Giant to get something for breakfast.....and here I am at the library.
I don't know what I am going to do today, I'm feeling kind of 'CONFUCKTED today.
What I really need is an immersion in salt water and to walk on the sand, the beach, in other words. I need to rejuvenate, if not at the ocean, then at least at the bay. I tried to figure out if there was a way to Sandy Point State Park by bus, but I cannot get ahold of correct Anne Arundel County bus information. I'm about ready to 'liberate' a car that I know will not be missed, and have it back before the guy gets home on Monday..........(LOL...maybe??).....
I'll be here for a bit, then who knows where, I feel a bit flaky today, torn between the desire for company, and the want of companionship, and the ache and yearning NEED of intimate human contact;.....and the knee jerk reaction that lonelyness can cause, resulting in a self imposed isolationism.(ie...if I cannot have someone to hold and to hold me....screw it, and FTW). I don't even have a 'Cheers' type local bar anymore, where I could go to get either looped or 'lucky'.....
Well, I'm out of here for now, unless I get bitten on the ass by my muse, before 5:30 pm. today....I'll see you on Monday.
I think I am going out with Rachel, somewhere, to do something, on Sunday, luckily she can be a cheap date, and everything we do is fun!!
Anybody who wants to call me today or tonight, I'd welcome the contact, and maybe we can get together. Right now, it is 1:44 pm. and it is Miller Time!!!, (or the affordable generic alternative)!!
Of course it may be wrapped in a paper bag while relaxing on a park bench,(at least I'm not standing in an alley............LOL)...The bars around here are out of their 'effin' minds when it comes to prices, and I do not feel like going across town.
See you all later........Dave

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