Monday, August 31, 2009

"Fair Trade Practices............."

Good Evening;
It has been a pretty good couple of days, both financially and weatherwise. I actually had to crawl in side my sleeping bag early this morning, quite a change, close to 45 degrees worth inside the 'shed', and I am not talking about bisecting a right angle either.
I was out in the corner Sunday morning early, about 10 minutes to 9:00 am., and stayed for close to 3 hours and netted about $33.00, then went out to the coffee shop, and had a decent meal, I splurged on the GOOD roast beef, so rare it bit back, and the TOP SHELF horseradish cheddar cheese, so sharp I cut myself, and an awesome local tomato,so fresh I had to slap it, with Hellman's..(the only worthwhile mayo, unless I am making my own, and I don't have a battery operated food processor at the, on a bakery club roll, so flaky it reminded me of one of the psychos I used to date.....yum!! I ran into Ted, and his new (to Baltimore anyway) wheels....(Shweeeet ride buddy!!! ), and we chatted awhile, and he donated to my "I'm Taking To The State Fair One Way Or Another Fund", many thanks.
I went out this morning also, and thought I would get there real early, so as to miss the 'junky-crackhead-dopefiend' crew, but the girl was already there, so I missed rush hour on the 'good' side of the street...but 'it was all good' as we say on the streets, in the 35 minutes on the west side of North Ave....$2.00= 2 people, on the east side by I-83 after she left, the first car to stop, in the first 2 minutes, handed me a $20.00 bill, this was someone who I have seen before, though not for a while, and he always seems embarrassed, and always gives me a $20.00. He shyly said 'hi', and pulled off, and I packed up and headed to MICA to see Michelle, who did a 'Get Smart' on me, the security guard telling Maxwell Smart would say..."Missed Her By THAT Much".....LOL.........Hi Michelle!!! Then I tried to stop by the offices of The Jewish Times to say hello to Neil...the guards at the desk at The Associated gave me bum directions and I never did find the right building. So I went out to Starbucks....(where else) for coffee and an 'extreme value' lunch from the Giant, with the Bonus card, the coupon, and the sale price, I got an $8.00 sandwich for $1.25, plus $0.21 for a tomato!...(and I still had Pringles and white chocolate Macadamia nut cookies..[at $2.00 off] from yesterday)!
My friend who prefers to remain anoymous asked me how I was set and I told him of my quest to take Rachel to the fair, and he slipped me $20.00...Todah!!
I went to Monkee's this afternoon and spent $10.00 on my meds for the next 4 days, so I am set there. I am very close to having enough for the fair and a 'buffer' for an emergency. tomorrow I am going out again and try to hit the rush hour for that and my bus pass for the month.
.....times up ....................see you tomorrow....................Dave

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