Friday, August 7, 2009

"Random Thoughts.......Random Acts.........."

Good Morning;
I just left Rachel and her mom at the Giant, I met them while they were shopping and surprised her. She is now on this 'riding a make believe horse' kick and wanted to know what color the horse should be and what color saddle it should have..etc..etc... What an imagination!
Her mom was doing the Shabbos shopping and I had made a deal that she could use my card and trade me cash for 75 cents on the dollar. When we got to the checkout, she told me that her "friend" said that they should just do it dollar for dollar, that was a real nice gesture.
Speaking of nice gestures, I just got a batch of RAKtrak cards in the mail, they are a neat way of tracking Random Acts of Kindnesses, when some one does something unexpected, out of the blue, and/or over and above, for you, pass on this card to them and log on to and using the cards number, tell about the act you were a recipient of, and where. When the person who did the good deed themselves receives a RAK in turn, they pass on the card, logging the act and place, etc..etc.., like the "Where's George" dollar bills,. When you log on and check the "kindness track" by card number, you can follow a trail of RAKs, across the city, country, and sometimes world. It basically does on a larger scale , what I started doing in this blog, recognizing and appreciating all the folks out there.
On the other end of the spectrum, confusion and incompetence reign supreme....
I recieved a letter last week from DHMH, stating that since I did not complete and return an application, my health care would be terminated on 08/31/09, well when I went to renew my prescription in July, my health care was not active, AND I never received any notifications or applications. Today I get a letter from DHMH stating that my request for the PAC (bottom level, minimum coverage)plan health care was denied because I already have active Medical Assistance, (full coverage).????????? WTF??? BACK!! down to D.S.S again on Monday to try to figure out just what is happening..Just what do I have, what does it cover? If I do have the M.A., I can get treated for the Hepatitis C, and the back and spine issues, and get my meds........not to mention the psychotic..I mean psychiatric!
Corporate Hypocrisy At Work;
Starbucks has all these posters about programs helping small third world farmers, and fair trade, and AIDS in Africa, and reducing greenhouse gasses by promoting shade grown coffees, and saving the rainforest, BUT they throw away up to a hundred dollars a day of food,(times how many thousand stores), and the plastic packaging involved, every day, instead of actively locating food banks or shelters or some sort of central clearing house type organization to pick up and distribute the items. The really bothersome part of this is that the food is perfectly good for 2 or 3 days, but in the name of 'freshness' (read sale propaganda), it is dumped daily. The worst part of this is that some of the employees start marking out the items at 5:00 or 6:00 pm., (when the store is open for another 3 or 4 hours), for their convenience. Thee is also policy to dump pastries construed as 'breakfast items' as early as noon, what?, people do not eat muffins in the afternoon or evening???? Sometimes I was able to get some or all of these items, depending on who was working, if they wanted any, and the mood of the person I asked. Now it is not allowed, (whether it is just me and I offended mgmt. in some way or not, or everyone, I do not know, and it is beside the point), I have just been observing all the pettiness of the corporation. Okay.....done.
I'm going to go have a cup of coffee anyway.....I'll see you all later...Dave.

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