Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Fountain of Youth................"

Good Evening;
It was a pretty damn good day today!...for a change!
The 'ex' called and picked me up around 9:15 am this morning and I went and had coffee, washed clothes and showered. Then she dropped Rachel and I off at the Metro, and we went down to Harborplace to ride thae carousel...again...and then spent around 3 hours playing in the Walter Sondheim Memorial Childrens Fountain. Aftera break for ice cream cones, we went back to the carousel...again...then stopped at Mickey D's for dinner and went back to Milford Mill on the Metro, where her mother picked us up, (and she had another dinner..and dessert, of course). I gathered up my dry clothes and caught a ride to the bus stop...and here I am at the library.
It looks like a 'No Starbucks Day', unless I decide to get there 10 minutes before closing and just sit at the tables outside for a couple of hours to kill time until it is cool enough to go lay down.
As of this point, it has been a wonderfully, peacefully, non-dramatic day, knock on pressed particle
The only stress points have been the conditions that Rachel is living in, that I feel are not up to the standards I believe she deserves, and are on the verge of unsanitary and unhygenic, but I kept my mouth closed except to politely and firmly express my displeasure at the fact that Rachel has been sleeping without sheets or a pillow case and that it is neither fair to her or healthy. I asked that she put sheets and a pillow case on the bed, and she said she would..(the 'ex').. I am going to call again tonight and stop by tomorrow to check.
(And I know that you sometimes read this blog, but I am not going to censor my thoughts or feelings, OR use this as a forum to leverage you to act, I write what I want, when I have the need to, for whatever reason. At least at this time.)
That is about it for now.
I ask you say a prayer for my friend Michelle, she just lost her Mom to Breast Cancer last week,.......if you can, send a donation to the Susan G. Komen fund or a similar 'pink ribbon' organization.

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