Tuesday, September 8, 2009

".................Wash And Wear..."

Hello Again;
The bus and my bladder are on differing schedules....lol....so I'm back until the next bus is due.

A couple posts back I was compiling a list of the various homeless folks I see on the streets of Pikesville....(and for you out-of-towners, this is an upscale suburb of Northwest, Baltimore, Md., with a large Jewish community that has been a base of a liberal Reform/Consevative/Modern Orthodox population. There has been an influx of Ultra-Orthodox and Chassidic Jews and a boom in the Sephardic (mainly of Middle Eastern descent) congregations here. There is also a long time white Christian presence, and recently a much larger middle class Black population, Reisterstown Road is the main thoughrofare, and has had a smsll Main Street type revitaliztion in progress for a few years now.......all this is just background to illustrate the 'atmosphere'....there is a new County police station in the neighborhood, and numerous small moderate and upscale businesses and restaurants, mixed with a country club/golf course, a county library, the Maryland State Police Headquarters, and fast food and gas stations too, so this is not the typical inner city business district, tourist area, or "hood", where you find most homeless people..), ...and I have another one who I forgot to mention, this guy has obvious emotional 'control' issues, as noted by his frequent outbursts while on the computer while in the library and his conversations and offering of, (unsolicited and unwanted), opinions to total random strangers. He is one of the types who seems to constantly 'go off' his medications...without medical approval. I see him 5 or 6 times a week, and he always has on a beige sports jacket and a pair of pants that look as if they are matching suit pants, but upon closer view, are not, and the bottom 6 inches or so are stained and torn, and really beat up slip on snealers and most times a red necktie. He has curly red hair and pale skin with freckle and blemishes. I have tried to talk to him, but he is one of the 'angry' types....not a good conversationalist......lol.
There are a few others I'll mention as I see them and/or my memory is jogged. I've no particular reason for this, just showing a cross section of the population you may not see....(or Notice???).
I an starting to feel a bit like I am falling into a certain 'picture' of homelessness myself at the moment, it seems that almost all my clothes are wearing out, (multiple, frequent washings of a limited wardrobe have that affect), all at once. I need to get some jeans and shirts real soon....and I HATE clothe shopping, always have, I have one of those bodies that..(like most everything else in my life.....lol), falls through the cracks...size and fit wise..( and I can never find naything in the thrift shops)...it is a real pain in the ass and shopping is one of those triggers that initiates bouts of depression and serious anxiety attacks. Oh well, gotta wear something, and it does not look as if I'll be making it to Florida any time soon either....(SH*T).....lol.

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