Monday, September 21, 2009

"You Have The Right To Remain Silent......Although Maybe NOT The Ability"...........

Good morning;
It has been another couple of fantastic days as regards the weather, sunny, breezy, warm and cool at the proper times, the perfect time to sit outside with a mug of hot coffee in the mornings and evenings and an iced coffee during the midday, late afternoon period.

Of course the powers that be at the St. Thomas shopping center have decided to renovate the facades and the sidewalks at this time, so the outside seating is no more. It figures.........LOL! So this kinda of messes up my normal nighttime ritual of sitting until 10:30 or so in a nice safe place until it is time to go and lay (lie?) down.

When I signed off Friday, I headed across town to search out some 'bupes' and looked up my friend Barry, (who lives across the alley from and introduced me to Monkee, all those many years ago), who on occasion has one or two. He did and I payed slightly more than usual, but still slightly below street prices. This, even before taking any, did a lot to relieve some of the tension I was feeling. The knowledge that I had meds through the weekend, until Monkee was able to see the doctor, and I had a way to deal with the pain that has been plaguing me, Without having to go out into the 'hood and worry about being robbed or arrested, OR, worse, having to turn to opiates or opioids again, really was as calming as having taken a Valium.
Then it was out to Owings Mills and the coffee shop.
I talked to Rachel and wished her L'Shana Tovah.
I had called a friend in the late afternoon to wish her a Happy New Year, and she came up to the coffee shop for a bit that evening. As we were talking, I mentioned my inability to find a place bathe in the past 2 weeks, (as conversation, NOT a hint or request....the question was previously raised, and answered in the negative....not an option), and she surprised me with an offer of her shower and a ride back to the bus stop afterwards, as a Rosh Hashana gift. Since she wants to remain anonymous, all I can say is, Thanks ever so much, AND...(with apologies to MLK)....."Clean At last, Clean at last, Thank God Almighty, I'm Clean at last!!" ......LOL!

Saturday, I was up early, too early for the library, or to hit the corner on a weekend, so I went to the small park area in front of the library and took some time out to meditate, pray, commune with the universe, call it what you like, and reflect on the Rosh Hashana holiday and the year that was ending and the new one about to begin.
And again, weather wise, so began another beautiful day.
Then it was out to Starbucks around 6:30 am. and was greeted like a returned kidnapping victim, with all the "where have you beens"...etc. I received from the 'morning crowd' It was one of those days where I never did get out and about, between Mitch, and Nathan, and Rich, et al, I spent the day in conversation, both inside and standing out in the middle of the parking lot..(it's the only way the smoker's could hang out, with the tables I read and watched DVDs and ate..( my newest addiction....Honey Roasted Pecans from the bulk nuts bin at the Giant...BOTH Giants now have Melissa, the manager of the coffee shop, (who is leaving in 2 weeks to move to Israel to attend university, and to be with the Israeli soldier who is her boyfriend, whom she met on her 'aliyah' there), stopped in on her way to synagogue for the High Holy Days services,.....WOW!!! Have you ever seen someone out of their ususal element, and or uniform, and not recognize or do a double take when you realize who it is? I always knew she was attractive, but I considered her more cute, or pretty. [Well, My hats off to you Melissa, you were elegant, chic and sophisticated, utterly gorgeous! If I had met you looking that way first, instead of behind the counter at the coffee shop, I think I would have been intimidated, you were that awesomely beautiful, ( and I am writing this nad not telling you to your face so you won't blush and feel embarassed, and I won't stutter and mumble and fall on my face while putting my foot in my Best wishes for a happy and sweet new year in Eretz Yisroael, and good luck at school! I hope you and Dor are healthy, safe and happy.]

Yeah, I know, but you all should be used to my tangential free associative writing by now.
I have been catching the bus about 20 minutes before closing time and going down to Pikesville and sitting on a bench near the Giant or the Library to read since the 'patio' closed, and that is what I did Saturday night.

Sunday, I was up around 8:00 and went into the Giant to get some food and use the restroom, I then sat and had breakfast and then read for what I thought was 30 minutes, (HA!), or so in the shade by the library....3 hours and 40 minutes later..(LOL!!!), I got on the bus and tried to hit the corner. But shortly after I got there, one of Baltimore's 'finest' and his partner exercised their great wit and crime fighting abilities to chase me off the street, by getting on the PA system of their car and announcing.."Hey homeless guy, leave the corner or go to jail.."...and then his partner, who was laughing so hard at his own humor he almost choked, gets on the mike and says.."and then you won't be homeless..", and cracks up. They should do 'stand up' comedy together, preferably while blindfolded and standing in the middle of North Ave. at rush hour. And the commissioner, Bealefeld wonders why folks on the street don't respect the cops....any 'hood rat will tell you...respect is earned!!, and if you want it...ya gotta give it! Well, I just left, and as I was walking down the street to the bus stop, I saw another woman who panhandles around there also and warned her about those 2 cops. As we were on the bus stop the cops slowed down and I nodded towards them to show the woman who I meant, the cops stopped for the red light, rolled down the window and said..'what did you say to her?'...I told him I was just exercising my First Amendment right to free speech, and didn't he get the message that the Commissioner and the Mayor had released concerning Constitutional rights, and what was his badge number, by the way?...he covered his badge with his hand and the other cop pulled off quickly, and I could not see the license tag number because it was smeared with grease and dirt...(and it was an unmarked convenient, huh?)....and there were 9 shootings this past weekend, kinda makes you think.......hmmmmmm?
After that I talked to Monkee and stopped by there for a while, and grabbed 2 bupes for the next couple of days, on credit, and headed out to the coffee shop for my first cup of the day.
That brings us up to Monday, and here I am at the library. I may try to go to the other corner in a few minutes when I am done here, but...the adrenaline is gone and the nerves are twitching... I may wait a day longer, I have enough for one last cup of coffee, a little bit of food and $4.00 on my Independence card, and...meds 'til Wednesday at least.
It is the typical end of the month money crunch, a little earlier this month because of my excursion to the State Fair with Rachel, which makes it all worthwhile. I am starting to have some concerns about finding clothing though. I stopped past the Goodwill store and there was next to nothing in larger sizes. I'll figure it out, just gotta have faith, and stay grateful.
see you later.......................Dave

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