Thursday, September 24, 2009

"DeCaf...................What's The Point"

Good Afternoon;
Well, it is Thursday around 12:30 pm., and I cannot type a sentence without a typo right now. I need coffee, and don't even have enough for a*t!

I have an unproven scientific/medical theory that has just occured to me:

Depression + Exhaustion + Poverty = Inertia

I could not get up this morning to get out to the corner early, real early to get there before Jillian took it over, even knowing that I am dead broke, with no food supplies other than a half package of soft flour tortillas, and $0.75 left on my Independence card. I am physically, mentally, and emotionally drained. The heat and humidity of the past few days has not helped either, and the Starbucks A/C is not working properly, (and of course no one there has taken the initiative to call the maintainance people......just piss and moan about it..????).

I am glad I went out yesterday morning and as I was getting off the train I saw the girl Jillian who has moved in on my corner, (when the junkie crew has not ruined it for all of us), {which is what happened on Tuesday morning, all I tried the other side of the street and had no one stop in over an hour, so I sat at the outdoor tables at the Gateway Building of MICA reading all day, moving from table to table with the shadows, until the afternoon rush hour, where I stood for an hour and a half, and had 2 people stop, one of whom was my friend Michelle from MICA, who I really miss seeing, and the other was a gentleman who I have mentioned before, a born again Christian laywer named Dave, who stopped and gave me $10.00. I was exhausted and left then.}...walking towards the intersection, now, it is first come/first served out here so I cut straight across the construction site and the field to get there before she did, (if not, she'd never leave, and I'd never get a chance at all), I ended up with enough money in about 2 hours to be able to pay my debt to Monkee for meds and get enough for the week, ($15.00 for her, and $5.00 for me), and I was just too hot and dirty to stand out there anymore. I then hit the coffee shop and the Giant, and that was all she wrote..$00.00! balance.
As I said earlier the A/C is busted there and with the combination of that and one of the employee's sheer negativity and just nasty bitter attitude, and the unavailability of the patio outside, the atmosphere there was miserable. I mean, hell, I do more than my fair share of bitching I'll own up to it, but you've got to admit that not in every breath and fiber of my being!! My life is far from the most pleasant at times, but I do not find fault with every other human being I come into contact with, almost all of whom are judged and found wanting, and then ridiculed. (..I have noticed a similar theme in 'lower class'/ghetto humor from my obsevations on public tranportation; where it is neccessary that the subject is being put down, 'gotten over on', hurt physically, or emotionally, and/or publicall humiliated for a 'joke' or anecdote to be extension of the 'eat the weak' attitude...). So I left well before closing and went to the library, (and had my run in with the 'Electro-Cyber-Gremlins' It was so warm I sat out until after midnight on the benches near the library until the edge of the thunderstorm that passed over forced me in side the shed. Then, I slept poorly, so I feel like crap at this point, it's too bad I can't find someone to blame for it.......LOL.
Well time is up again.............see you later ............Dave

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