Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Just Desserts..................."

Good Afternoon;
Well all my clothes, such as they are, (thin, threadbare, unraveling, holed, and falling apart.....and in some cases too small, [we can debate the reasons for that in another]....but CLEAN!!), are washed, now I MUST!!! get a shower or bath somewhere today!!! (Or formally claim the title; 'Lord Of The Flies'
I went down to the corner yesterday and ALL the corners were taken by people who I did not want to take a chance of being accidentally connected with, some were from the 'junkie-crack head-dope fiend' crew, and one was the 'angry-aggressive-ghetto thug' drunk, and there were a group of mid- twenty white males and females who have occasionally been on the corner this summer. They are not locals, (one MAY be), but have been traveling, by thumb, around the country. They look like a combination of Dead Head and Post-Apocalyptic/Neo-Hippie...(Think Jerry Garcia "morphed" with Rambo and Mad Max). None of these types are beloved by the police and I chose to.."Keep On Truckin'..."! I went past Camden Yards, just in time to witness the tail end of some type of confrontation with the police, so I got off one train and right back on the one that pulled in going the opposite direction.

(another example that every once in a while assholes get what they deserve)

(As I was exiting the first train, (Light Rail), some wanna be tough guy construction worker raises his leg and pushes on my shoulder bag, causing me to fall forward down into the step well of the train car,(which, on the Light Rail, is steep and about 3 feet deep), I automatically and instinctively reached out and tried to catch the railing and stay upright, on the step below me, a woman was standing, off to one side, (the train was packed). I crashed into her and fell to my knees and managed to twist around and plant my feet on the pavement of the platform, the woman ended up sitting on the steps with one leg folded under her. As the door could not close due to her other leg in the doorway, I was able to witness the asshole laughing and grinning. The woman's friend, a biker type who must have been 6' 10", and 300 lbs., says "you think that's funny asshole...laugh at this", and proceeds to pick him up, [above his head!!] and throw him down into the opposite step well, and then tosses his heavy tool bag on his head. He, (the asshole), started whining, "please don't hurt me", and other assorted courageous things, and the big guy said, "stay there and don't move of talk until I tell you to". An old black woman who witnessed the whole affair from start to finish as she was about to get on the train asked me and the woman if we were okay, and when we said we were, she got on the train and as she was passing the asshole she asked him if he was okay, when he said he was not....she hit him in the face with her cane and said "Good!, you ain't nuthin' but a 'punk' no-how!!!", and sat down to applause. At this point the train doors closed and the train pulled off, seconds before the MTA police walked over to see what the commotion was, I told them it was nothing someone had just 'missed a step', and dropped his bag in the step well. They said okay and walked off, and I got on the train pulling in, with added
Rumor has it that the asshole 'exited' the train at the Cherry Hill station, with the same manner of assistance that he attempted to offer me, but somehow 'forgot' his tool bag, which a half dozen 'concerned citizens' promptly took onto their custody and divided the contents between them, for safekeeping 'until such time as they could be returned to their rightful owner'. Citizenship in action!!!.............................)
I called it a day and went up to the coffee shop for a couple hours and the hit the laundromat, and made it back to Villa Vile around 11:00 pm.
This morning I got up about 7:30 am. went to the Giant for coffee and my morning cleansing. I got on the bus and the train and hit the corner for a while about 9:45 am. For a change Jillian was on the Mt. Royal Ave. side this morning so I got a window of about an hour after rush hour that netted me about $13.00. My legs and ankles were swelling up for some reason....(D.S.S. to see if I can get an answer on my health insurance and then the clinic tomorrow. Most likely hypertension again, I have been out of Lisinopril and could not get a refill for a while now.) I am. Now I am going to the Starbucks for coffee and whatever I have left to make for lunch, and hope to find some kind soul who will let me bathe. I may have to call AnnaMarie and see if I can come out to Lutherville.
The funeral is tomorrow and I NEED to shower!
See You later.........Dave

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