Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"ReCap, Redux.................'

Back again;

To continue, I stopped in at the gas station, as I have been doing most nights now, whether I need to use the facilities or not. I have struck up an acquaintanceship with the night clerk, Daniel, (who is from Kenya, and was a journalist with the Kenya News Agency, which was/is more of a state controlled propaganda ministry tool than a real news service), and we talk and watch TV and (if solvent) play the lottery, {not to brag...but, I really do collect some really interesting and diverse, and out of the ordinary people....lol}.

Well, after my guilt ridden expostulation of Saturday, it was only appropriate that the first person I see in the store is the tall, geeky black homeless guy I snubbed....who promptly demonstrates all the characteristics that I find annoying and repelling. He is in the store accosting...yes that is the word...everyone and asking for money, and he comes up and interrupts me in the middle of a transaction and starts asking for money too. I looked him in the face this time and told him no, and he kept on bugging me.....I again told him that I had nothing to spare...(and I did NOT, all I had was already accounted for and set aside for legitimate needs, with no wiggle room. Mostly meds, and money for the laundromat.) He kept pushing up on me, and trying to cajole me, and con me....now the store has already run him off many times when the boss is there, so I said to him that the police had stopped me and were asking if I had seen him, and when I turned around he was heading out the door like a bat out of hell.
Okay, it's back to either ;

Mode A): Ignore him....................................
Mode B): Stare him down, and run him off.
IN BOTH Modes.....no more guilt.................

Yesterday, Monday, I went to see Monkee and see if I could help out in any way, and get the funeral info..( Thursday; 11:30 am.), and got my weeks supply of 'bupes'. I then went up to the coffee shop and had a much needed caffeine infusion. I strolled down to the Giant and had a chance to slip into my 'coupon commando' personna, and took advantage of all the store reductions and discounts, and ended up with the equivalent of 5 [FIVE!!!] cold cut subs (complete, but with 'some assembly required') for $2.29...and 4 desserts for $1.49....the most expensive item was the tube of Pringles @ $2.00!! A great bargain, but I think I've had enough deli for a few days.....lol!
I read and watched DVDs and did all my crossword puzzles until I caught the 12:06 am. bus back to the gas station, said hello to Daniel, and used the loo, and slipped silently past the police who were hiding in the parking lot (and believe it or not....eating donuts......lol), and crawled in to my "Mildew Mansion" and lay down to sleep. Bingo!! wide awake again, so I watched 'Law And Order: Season Five', until the battery died...(as usual just far enough into the 3rd episode to be annoying.........lol......the battery hold about a 2 hour charge, and each episode is about 45 minutes long!). I got up about 7:30 am. and got a cup of bad coffee and at the Giant and did my morning ritual, then sat in front of the library until it opened and read....and here we are again. Allan is here and after I sign off I am going to chat with him and then I have to go and raise some cash on the corner and then hit the old "Suds And Psychos, Self Service Laundry And Freak Show", I'm down to absolutely no clean undies!
NEXT.....Where To Shower...one man's continuing quest to conquer the evils of swamp ass!!.....?????
Alright I'm out of here, see you tomorrow.....unless you have hot water and a towel, then I'll be right over.....Dave

(I just read this today in Brandon Sanderson's SF/Fantasy novel "The Well Of Ascension", [Book II in the 'Mistborn Trilogy']...
"Insanity is no excuse for irrational behavior.......A man is defined not by his flaws, but by how he overcomes them.")

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