Friday, September 25, 2009

"Tiny Bubbles..................."

Good Afternoon;
Well having faith and the karmic equivalent of 'throwing myself on the mercy of the court' (in a universal sense...AKA..."The Secret")...[ Is he being serious or facetious?? you may well ask, I'm not sure myself at this], seems to work sometimes.
I found 2 dollar bills on the street when I left the library yesterday afternoon and ended up with enough cash to buy real, though right on the edge of the 'eat at your own risk' date food. shaved ham, tomato, mayo, bbq sauce, on a soft taco; Cheetos; and strawberry generic pop tarts and a whole sh*tload of coffee to wash it all down. Then Ted comes by and slips me a $10.00 out of the blue, Thanks my friend. I ended up with a few sandwiches and pastries on the way out also, Thanks Tina.
I sat outside the library and read until it started to rain, then went to the gas station for a bit and put $2.00 on the Keno, won and lost and won and lost $2.00 at a time for a while and finally hit for $25.00, so I ended walking out with $ going out to corner is an option this afternoon, not a necessity.....for a
Give it up, give it over, and be grateful...not greedy, appreciate the little gifts and small victories.
back later...................Dave

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