Saturday, September 12, 2009

"The Buddy System....Somewhere Between Butch and Sundance....And....Stan And Ollie....OR....Maybe Dean And Jerry....And....SpongeBob And Patrick??..."

Hello Again;
Last time before I go off and get my coffee infusion.
First, Welcome to my Nightmare, Paul, thanks for following for so long, (if you are the 'ArmyGuy'???), if not, welcome also!
I have fallen into a very companionable friendship with a fellow patron of the Starbucks and also who I see at the computers at the library. We said hello and nodded for months before we even spoke, and now have somehow morphed into a sort of budding 'Bromance'......(never thought I would ever use that truly awful, but extremely descriptive and accurate Allan is half a decade older than me, and grew up and roamed in the same areas I did. We have similar tastes and senses of humor, and differing economic statuses. He has been telling me, as a confidant...not to boast, about his developing relationship with his new 'girlfriend', and also about his son's baseball tournaments and their travels, and the college scouts and coaches interests and proposals. We are sometimes like fraternity brothers or college roomates sharing confidences, and sometimes like alumni at a reunion sharing memeories. It is still a fairly new friendship, but seasoned with age and experiences. I have not had a 'running buddy' or close male friend, (that was not drug related, back in the day, but that is another couple of volumes in, for a long, long time. A dozen years at least since I had a true friendship, and 15 since I had anyone (male) I would trust with my 'back' or my life, not that we are anywhere THAT close, but it is nice looking forward to having a guy friend, who is more than someone who I see in a bar or in the coffeeshop only, and that is the limit of each other's knowledge of the other's lives.
On the same topic, I saw Nathan and his lovely daughter Kaitlin....(if you read this dear, do not let it go to your, yesterday, and He is someone else with whom I am cultivating..(I Hope), a growing friendship. We seem to have a similar set of tastes and dislikes....(EXCEPT...for his fondness for cigars....Sorry but I can't stand the smell of burning sewage........LOL), and enough differences to keep it interesting.
Well as the progressive midget said..."Onward And Upward"!, we shall see where it leads.
Now I am really leaving, I Need Coffee...and food!
The library re-opens on Sundays on Sept. 27th, so for 2 more weeks, you get a reprieve from my semi coherent...(on a good day!....LOL)...ramblings at least on "The Lords Day"....(NOT the Sabbath, no matter what you may think or may have been told......look it up!!!)....
I've got to hit the corner tomorrow anyway, unless anyone has a dire need to assuage a guilty conscience by performing an act of charitable giving???....Tzeduckah anyone???............Just Kidding....sort of....
In case it rains I've got a stack of DVDs from the library for today and tomorrow.
Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney in "Boys Town"
Cary Grant and Grace Kelly in "To Catch A Thief"
Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron in "An American In Paris"
Charlie Chaplin in "The Gold Rush"
and "Law And Order", the Second and Fifth Seasons.
Gotta love the Public Library System!!!
Adieu, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersein......................................Dave

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