Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Guilt Trip..........OR.........'Do AS I Say Not As I Do'........."

Good Morning;
It is said that confession is good for the that as it may, does not do a damn thing for the ego.
Last night I was at the Giant around 9:30 pm. or so, sitting on the bench outside gnawing on some leftover chicken wing dings, when the tall, skinny, black homeless guy I have mentioned before, (the loud and intrusive one who leaves his 'dead brain cell' scrolls all around), who was standing around bothering the customers entering and leaving the store, comes over and says, hi buddy, how you doing...etc..etc....and I ignored him, and kept on eating. I did not look up or at him and just pretended to pay no attention until he went away. I saw out of the corner of my eye that he had a hurt yet resigned look on his face....Damn! I know better than this, I HATE it when some one does it to me, and yet..... I still feel badly about this, and the only excuse...(and it is lame)...that I can offer in my defense, is that it has nothing to do with his homelessness, or directly with his mental problems, I just don't like the guy, and I have spoken to and with him. I find him irritating and annoying and dislike his aggressiveness and obstinacy when he is panhandling, but I really should not have blown him off in that way. When next I see him, I will at least acknowledge his presence. It is common courtesy and human decency.....and if I expect and desire the same, it is up to me to offer it.
............More later,...................Dave

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