Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Good Morning Again;

In the Baltimore Sun today...Wed.-09/30/09... ( ) there is a front page article about 2 PhD. drug researchers who were shooting up illegally imported from India by way of the Internet, Buprenorphine. Stupid..Stupid..Stupid!!! I'm sorry the woman died, but Holy F*ckin' Sh*t!!!, the very people who should know better!
No guarantee of quality or 'fillers', injecting a drug not meant to be, and combinations of drugs that have either unknown or deadly or dangerous interactions.....come on fools!
The article is full of semi-accurate misleading statements and sensationalized mis-information.
Such as $50.00 street prices for a pill and the amount of abuse and diversion of thr drug that was found by the Baltimore City Grand Jury Investigation.
Now, in typical kneejerk reaction, the uninformed are screaming about 'enforcement' and 'the war on drugs' with all the fervor of a lynch mob.
Another thing I have to stress over, besides my normal everyday crap....
(I have $0.15 cents, no food, and crazy cops hassling homeless and panhandlers, medical care access is in limbo at present, I need clothes, and I have not seen Rachel in close to a month, and the increasing isolation and lack of human intimacy and physical contact I am feeling, and I do not only mean getting laid, though in all seriousness that is a factor too, and increasing pain and discomfort from???.....)
Over zealous fanatics with a lockstep PC mentality trying to take away, control or limit the availability of the one medication that actually works....for me, and hundreds of thousands of others, as a true addiction treatment and suppressant of cravings, a non-increasing tolerance pain medication, and as an anti-depressant in cases where others have not worked.
See you later.......Dave

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