Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Good Morning;
It's another beautiful day in Baltimore, at least weather-wise, in other matters, it is a moderately attractive day........lol.
So, I am finally dried out after Friday and Saturday, and my joints are back to creaking and cracking instead of aching, throbbing and 'squishing', every time I move. Everyone knows that 'soggy joints' are just nasty.....(and bad manners too........lol). I spent the rest of Saturday drinking hot beverages and waiting for the rain to end, which it did just about bedtime. Sunday morning I sat on the bench in front of the library, in the sun, and had my coffee and donuts..('freecycled')..and read until Noon, when I went down to the corner to try my luck, and I did get lucky. The 'good' side of the street, (or at least in the thinking of most of the 'junkie-crackhead-dope fiend' crew ), was already taken, but...for the right person....at ceratin times on a Sunday the 'slow' side is actually a better place to pick up a quick $20.00, IF, and it can be a big IF, one hits the proper 'window of opportunity', when some particular churches services are over and everyone is leaving. I had not been by there at that time for a while, and it was quite pleasant, money aside, when some folks passed by, and in a few cases, pulled over and stopped, and asked how and what I was doing, and where had I been. A few (area residents) mentioned that they had been looking in on the blog and had seen Rachel and I at ArtScape in August. It was/is touching and gratifying that people actually remember and care. After an hour or so the other side was empty and I crossed over to the Expressway ramp, where I spent half my time laughing and goofing around with Billy the Sunpaper vendor. All in all I ended up with around $23.00 for 2 hours, but it was one of those days where being out there was actually fun, most people were in good moods and the weather was awesome.
I headed up to the coffee shop and spent some time with Nathan, in our semi-regular late Sunday afternoon bullsession. Then I went to the Giant for dinner and dropped a buck on the Keno, and forgot to check it. After the Starbucks closed at 8:00 pm. I wandered back to the Giant to use the restroom and found the keno ticket in my pocket, and was able to have it checked only seconds before they shut down the lottery machine for the night...$25.00!!! I spent the rest of the night reading and, splurged on a bottle of decent beer too.
Back soon.........times up.....Dave

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