Saturday, September 12, 2009


Good Morning Again;
The cool weather and the rain are playing havoc with my joints, but at least the messed up left foot and the screwed up right knee are balancing each other out today, leaving only the deteriorating discs in my lower spine to influence my gait. I'm moving in a manner that is somewhere between Frankenstein's Monster and a drunken sailor who just made landfall and still has his sea legs, with a little bit of classic zombie thrown in.
I was unable to get comfortable again last night, a combination of the physical discomfort, the weather, and the insomnia that is one of the ways my depression cycle begins it's 'luge run down the frozen mountain of ice bound despair'...(I'm not that bad yet....I just liked the I'm a's allowed!). But I do feel like crap, and my eyes feel as if they have been sand blasted.
I went by Monkee's to pay my respects last night and to see about the viewing and funeral arrangements..(nothing yet, still waiting on the V.A. bureaucracy), [and she had a couple 'bupes' for me, so I am okay for a few days and have a buffer period to acquire some cash for a full weeks supply], and I think my presence actually pleasntly surprised a couple people there that I showed up, but, she has developed, over the past 10 or more years, from someone who was nothing more than a 'connection' to a 'fellow traveler' to a true friend and confidant. Our differing backgrounds and outlooks and viewpoints each help the other to understand, and hopefully bridge somewhat, the cultural and racial divide. And we like one another as friends, with no romantic entanglements also.
Times up, again...........later.............Dave

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