Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"{Моё судно на воздушной подушке полно угрей}..........{Moio sudno na vozdušnoy poduške polno ugrey}........

Good Morning;
C'mon now folks, NO comments on the translation of the phrase in the title, which I included in a post a few weeks ago?? I expected some sort of comment or an e-mail, just for sh*ts and giggles. Is no one as inquisitive, ambitious, and ridiculous as I am?
If you have to learn one sentence in Russian...this has to be the perfect one.
It's a glorious day outside, sunny cool, with a brisk breeze blowing, and as the song...['Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes'] says......
"So many nights I just dream of the ocean, / God, I wish was sailing again"
(I watched the DVD that was with the double live CD of Jimmy Buffett "Live In Anguilla" last night............................... and
"I'm teetering on the razors edge of frustration,
balanced precariously,
between inspiration and desperation"
So I made it almost to sundown yesterday while fasting, but my blood pressure which has been hovering around 190/85 started to spike, and my blood sugar seemed real low, so I ate dinner when I arrived at the Mt. Washington Starbucks about 5:30 pm. and felt better.
I read, and as I said, listened and watched Jimmy until closing.
Now I have again stirred up all the salt water in my blood and the tidal pull on my 'Caribbean Soul' is calling me homeward.
Of course he played CSN's 'Southern Cross', so my 'French Polynesian Soul' has also been aroused, and I had to place a hold at the library and order the Jimmy Buffett "Live In Hawaii" CD/DVD set, and now I'm trying to find a copy of the movie "Donovan's Reef".
Maybe it's my way of trying to simplify my life, beginning the process of 'de-evolving', by following the primal urge to return to the oceans. I'll keep you updated if I begin to grow webs or gills.
I'm out of here for now, it's too nice out to waste away inside, and I need coffee too. It's a coin flip at this point which coffee shop I'm going to. I do have to find some cash somehow, I'm down to the last quarter (2mg.) of a bupe, and I need to get enough for the next 3 days, as I am expecting..(I HOPE)..a little bit of money on Friday.
I'll be back later...........Dave
.......Semantics Lesson.........
On a tropical island,
Homeless = Beachcomber
a very respectable profession...........lol

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