Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Welcome To The TWITTERVERSE...............OR........A Little Birdie Told Me................."

Good Morning;
I want to extend my thanks to 2 more readers who have had kind words to say about my little blog here and have taken the time to mention and share their thoughts in their 'Tweets'; Drala Treasure from Canada, and Rich Bassett in Boston, Mass. You have my gratitude guys, I see by your Bios and from some of the links in your 'tweets' that you are both professionals in the field, and personally involved in carrying the message of compassion for those of us on the streets, and helping to educate the rest of the world in some of our issues. Thanks for reading, it helps keep me going, knowing that people are reading, and coming back for a second look.........

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DRALA said...

Hi Dave - I am Drala from Nova Scotia Canada.Dralaterdzo (drala treasure) is my Buddhist name, Heather is my birth given name. My buddhist name means drala - one who sees beyond the mountain, issue, problem,- sees "over" or the big picture. It is a hard word to describe approriately in English. It was a wonderful name to be given and I do try to live up to it.

I have followed your Blog for a little while and shared it on Twitter & facebook. I really enjoy your writing, insight, and talent. I also appreciate the inside view you are so accurately giving to the world you live in.

I have worked in the fields of mental health & addiction for more years than I care to count. I've never really worked within the status quo system for long, when I did I tried to help make changes that would provide more compassionate and "real" help, not just give the patriarchial advice or dismissal.

I don't want to bore you, but am happy to have foound your blog and will be cheking it often.