Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Oh What A Night................."

Good Evening;

I'm here at the library again only because I had to return a book that is due tomorrow and I am not going to be here, cuz..."We're Going To the Fair!!...Whooo Hooo!!"....(that is Rachel's response......lol). I should be passed out, from exhaustion and excitement..(and NOT the good kind!).

Oy Vey...Vhat a night I had!!

I got a phone call from someone I had not seen for quite a while, telling me some mutual friends were in town for the night and would be speaking at a meeting in the city. I said that even though I have distanced myself from the program, I would come to see them. At this point...the Nightmare begins!

The train was delayed for 35 minutes, so I missed both bus connections..(and it was chilly out, I had shorts on still and froze my butt off.........lol), and I got to the meeting in the last 10 minutes. I only got a chance to visit with my friends for about 45 minutes before they had to leave for the airport. So I said I'd ride out to BWI and take the Light Rail back. All fine and dandy, but at the Patapsco Lt Rail Sta. this little girl...(I say little, she was about 21, but tiny and also emaciated), gets on and crawls under the seat and hides from this big nasty looking guy who is chasing her, she pulls my bag and another passengers bag in front of her and begs us not to tell. The thug runs on looks around and runs off back towards the parking lot, and the train pulls off. She asks if he is gone and climbs out shaking and crying. The other passenger grabs her bag and hauls ass up to the other car. This girl, call her Donna, is crying and shivering and dry heaving and having muscle spasms. I ask her if she wants me to call 911 for the cops or the EMTs, and she says no and jumps up and starts to run away and starts crying, "Please don't call", then offers to give me a BJ for $10.00. I figured out at that point she was dope sick...REAL BAD...and asked if that was so. She said yes, she wanted to stop but every time she started to get clean her boyfriend/pimp would either con her to get high or tie her up and shoot her up with dope. I told her I would give her $10.00 if she really wanted it, but that I had a better way, and told her about the Buprenorphine..(Suboxone)..and I'd give her one right now and a second if needed, BUT!!!, and this was a big BUT, she had to go to the ER at ********* Hospital with me and tell the Drs. she wanted to hurt herself, and that she was addicted and at risk from the thug. She got real pale and would not answer for a while, we ended up riding all the way to Hunt Valley on the last train, (and returning with a load of half drunken fair goers), and half way back in town before she said in a tiny little voice that she would. I told her that she was very brave and that there was an escape from her hell, and gave her a bupe, (luckily for me it only took one to pull her out of withdrawal, so I am still okay until Thursday or so). By the time we got to the hospital and I watched her check herself in, (within earshot, but not a part of the process, for my own legal reasons), it was after 2:00 am., by the time I got uptown and cross town, and back to Pikesville, it was 5:30 am. What A Night!!
I lay down for an hour, and then went out to the corner...and Jillian was already there....damn it!...I tried the other side of the street, and when I netted $2.00 in an hour, I got on the train for an hour and a half and napped. I went back out there and as I was getting my sign out and about to start, another one of the junkie crew tried to move in, well it just wasn't going to happen and I told him so. I stayed out for about 2 hours and got $13.00, then went and sat at the tables at the MICA building and ate lunch, read, and nodded for a while. I went out to the west side about 3:00 pm. to catch the rush hour OUT of the city and a couple of dozen people asked where I had been and how was I doing. Their care and concern was very touching, and I ended up with about $17.00 also. So we are pretty much good to go for the fair tomorrow. Thank goodness the weather was so fine, I hope it is as good tomorrow. Alright I am beat...and I have had no coffee at all today. I am going to call Rachel and get some dinner and try to sneak in and lay down early...(Tuesday is the strange day, when I have to avoid some old guys who park nearby)............................later ......Dave
Oh Yeah, this guy from Ireland checked out my blog, his name is Cam Stewart, and he has a website that also promotes and tracks Random Acts Of Kindness, check it out at... www.arkchangeyourworld.com ...he sells Ark clothing products too, and it is all tied in to RAKs.

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