Friday, December 4, 2009

"Fleas And Flurries In the Forecast......"

Good Afternoon;
I'm at Rachel's house just killing time until we leave to head over to Jenn's for dinner and then heading down to the Aquarium.
I just watched the weather forecast for tomorrow...simply effin' loverly! A mix of snow and rain turning to snow accumulating up tp 2 inches, then turning to rain again, with freezing temps. later that night. Cold weather sux!! Even when I had a place to live, it still sucked!!
Rachel is covered with flea bites because the cats and the house.(the 'ex'es') became infested. she is being treated with Calomine lotion, and they are spraying and washing everything, from bedding to stuffed animals. I told them that the only real way to attack the problem is to bomb the whole damn house, but they are going to do that as a last resort. It is the only effective way to do it, but it takes actual concentrated effort. Of course no one is going to listen to me and my experiences of dozens of cats over the past 50 some years. So after every other attempt eventually results in needless expenditures of time and money, most likely the bombing will happen, at the expense of Rachel's health and comfort. At the moment I am impotent in regards to leverage, unless I am forced to unleash the 'big guns', but the reverberations would be too severe and too out of proportion, though I am getting real frustrated with the level of cleanliness and safety which my daughter is forced to live at...(in?). I really don not want to have to call CPS, and the Health Dept. nad the Board of Education, and a couple other places just to get some action, and then have to deal with the inevitable fallout that will occur.
(Though one of the most memorable and weirdly romantic moments in my life revolved around fleas, a 2:00 am. trip to WalMart for flea spray, and one of my daughter's name sakes!!!!...Ahhh LOVE!!!.........ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!))
I hope to have some good news next week in the way of progress towards getting on a reasonable waiting list for a room...knock on wood.
Well we are getting ready to leave for Jenn's now. I'll see you tomorrow, after I trudge through the slop, with a report of our excursion.

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