Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy......OR..........'Hey, You Kids Stop Picking On Those Killer Sharks!!"........."

Good Evening;
Sorry about this morning's post, and the abrupt cessation of the same. I had to leave before I committed an act of 'justifiable homicide/euthanasia'. The abuse and the vile evilness emanating from these two fine examples of Baltimore's female thug culture, the 'me generation' meets the 'babies mama to the power of 3' set.
I went to my daughter Jenn's house and showeed and washed a load of clothes and had lunch with her and Edward and Devin (the grandkids). Them Ed and I took the train downtown to the Inner Harbor and purchased tickets to 'Friday After Five' at the Aquarium, 4 for $32.00..(vs. $80.00)!!! That is going to be one of my holiday gifts to them and Rachel, who is going with us also. Sharks and the Rianforest and JELLYFISH!! it's gonna be so cool!!
Edward is as smart as Rachel but in a different manner, he also is a 'little adult' at times though. He is also more 'in your face' than Rachel...and hardheaded!!, if ghe gets an idea set in his mind, (such as his current belief that "Family" starts and ends with ONLY the people who live in your home with you..LOL)...don't try to cannot! It should be a fun evening. Rachel is excited as is Edward. Jenn and I are swinging between anticipation...and sheer terror at the thought of these two taking the place over...LOL!
I left the Starbucks last night at about 7:55 pm. and headed to Monkee's house to get meds for the next 15 (fifteen!!) days at least, and of course the rain started as I hit the road, and every train and bus was in no way coordinated with the other, there or back. By the time I got back to Pikesville I was literally steaming, giving off a mist, because the temperature must have went up a good 10 or 12 degrees, and I was 'moist...' to say the I had to do some emergency repairs to the 'Little House On the Parking Lot' as my shack is The walls in some places have been reduced to the paper faced and backed insulation between the studs, the outer shell being rotted, eroded or just plain bashed in at many places. Then it started to pour again, and the rain water overflowed the gutter nearby and was rushing past about 10 inches away from my head..(outside and slightly below though) was kinda neat and kinda scary.
Okay the lights are being turned out, either the librarians are trying to convey a message, I'm going blind, or Mr. Sulu leaned on the POWER OFF button for the view screen again..."captain, Captain..all Ze lightz haf Gone owet!!"
...never mind it's an old comedy bit.....'Star Dreck'

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