Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Jack Frost Roasting On An Open Fire........And Who the Hell Is Nipping At My Chestnuts?!?!....................."

Good Morning;

Cold weather sucks! Even though it is not that cold yet my hands and fingers have started to hurt. And of course the feet are always an issue. It's partly genetic poor circulation and partly my own damn fault for a few decades of jamming needles in my arms..(and legs). You reap what you sow.

I am still having a hard time crawling out of the sleeping bag in the morning, once I get up to pee that last time just near dawn I either fall back asleep or kind of lay there in a half trance, dream like state until the back and bladder force me up, which has been about 10:30 am. One of the reasons is that the last time the weather was cold, the Pikesville Starbucks was still open, 30 yards away, and a warm, dry, and out of the elements setting with a bathroom and hot and cold running coffee was only seconds away. Now I have to get on from one to three buses and travel (and wait) at least 20 minutes. (I can always go to the Giant or the gas station for the facilities if needs be, but that just adds another stop before I can sit inside somewhere). That little thatched shack of palm fronds on the beach is looking better and better.....lol, maybe!

Hey Rich...Thanks!!! I put that blanket you gave me to good use last night and on Friday night when it was so windy. I'll be back up to Owings Mills sometime soon.

At the Starbucks yesterday, Jenn and I met up for a while before her meeting and she gave me ride back to Pikesville afterwards. We puttered around the Giant for a while as she did her shopping and have tentative plans, (dependent on my getting some cash tomorrow), to take Rachel and Edward to the National Aquarium in Baltimore on Friday. (It's "Fridays After 5:00"..half price). That should be a fun trip, 3 generations of us, both my daughters (27 & 5-3/4) and my grandson (4-1/2), I can imagine some of the expressions as I try to explain who's who....LOL!
It will be like Abbot and Costello doing "Who's On First?"!

I found out Rachel is over her grandmother's..(not my side of the family), while her mother (the 'ex') is in Chicago, of course she never bothered to tell me this before the holiday, or to answer her phone until Sunday night, but this is typical and in line with past history.
I hope to see her on Wednesday for a while.
On Sunday I tried to hit the corner for a while, but the junkies have pretty much taken over and ruined it, I was on the 'slow side' and made a whole $3.00 in an hour. As I was about to leave my son-in-law Tom and my grandson Edward drove by on the way back form church. I folded up my sign and went over and we talked through a couple light changes...(traffic was that slow...lol). I went back up to the coffee shop with enough for bus fare and coffee for Monday and Today and Tomorrow. I stopped by the gas station before I lay down and watched the 4th Quarter and the OT of the Ravens-Steelers game...I don't know what the rest of the game was like, but what I saw was a blast.
I'm out of here for now, I've got a bag of bagels and pastries for my meal today, and a cheese sandwich and a 0.67cent package of 'chopped, pressed, and formed' lunchmeat to put on it. It may be mystery meat, but it's protein, (and cat really doesn't taste that bad if you put enough mayo on it).................LOL. Is it any wonder I am so svelte?
Time for coffee...........later......Dave

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