Saturday, December 5, 2009

"Winter Wonderland My Ass!!!!!!!!!!.............."

Good Afternoon;
The snow has started in earnest now, and is sticking to everything..especially me as I walked the two blocks to the library from the Giant..(where all the 'Baltimorons' are buying out all the stocks of milk, bread ,and toilet paper). By the time I get to the coffee shop from the bus stop I'll look like Frosty the Friggin' Snowman! I really miss the Pikesville Starbucks on days like this, and days of heavy rain. 30 yards beats the hell out of 2 bus trips and a short, (but long enough to get soaked), walk.
Last night was a blast at the Aquarium with the kids..and they were two generations of Rachel was as polite and as well behaved as always, and was happy to spend some time looking at each exhibit. Edward is 9 months younger and of a different personality, his attention span is shorter and he is 'strong willed' to put it nicely, and when he was in one of his contrary moods...well, the sharks very nearly had a special snack...LOL! But on the whole he was good. Devin alternated between cranky and crying, sleeping and heading off in the opposite direction of everybody! It's surprising how fast an 18 month old can move while 'broken field running' between adults The crowds were very reasonably sized and there was time to linger at the exhibits. The kids liked the rays and sharks best, followed by whatever was the next weirdest fish they saw. The Jellyfish exhibit was a big hit, as were the poison dart frogs, and the 'gators'..(Actually Caimans, but you tell a 5 year old
We stopped at the Mickey D's on the way back to the Metro and had dinner, Devin woke up when the french fries arrived, and I swear she ate most of mine and Jenn's large sized orders.
Rachel's mother picked us up and dropped me off at the Giant about 9:45 pm. and I hit the gas station and tried my luck at the Keno for the first time in a good while...I lost $2.00... and then I went and lay down, I forgot to charge my light source, so the battery died after I read about a paragraph, so I just lay there thinking for a couple hours.
I helped my son-in-law Tom move some of his tools out of the vehicle and his DJ equipment into it, and I am reminded today why I can no longer do the labor and lifting work I once did, something popped in my back and I paid it no mind at the time, but after walking so much last night, carrying the dead weight of a sleeping baby in my arms..(another thing which I am out of practice of doing...Thank God.....LOL).. and sleeping on the cold hard ground...(well, not that cold, with the blanket and bag, but cold enough compared to a bed) back is a mess. I do not want to overdo the 'bupe' for the painkiller effectiveness, and I have no more Flexeril..(mild muscle relaxers)..maybe I'll take a MIDOL, the weather has me PMSing anyway...LOL!
I am heading out to the coffee shop now, if anyone wants to brave the 'Bawlmer Snush', come on out!

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