Saturday, December 5, 2009

"Lead, FOLLOW, Or Get Out Of The Way............"

Good Afternoon again;

For some reason, the "Followers" gadget is not showing up on the sidebar of my blog, is this just me or has it dissappeared when everyone else logs in also?

I am still able to access the Followers for my "Dashboard" option though. so you are all still there.
And welcome to "Rob68" who just signed on as Follower Number 8.
See ya.............Dave
I just stepped outside for a minute, I think it's time to get new shoes, all the snow just melted into the 'ventilating mesh'....isn't that kinda like some sort of 'reverse osmosis' or
I think I'll wait to change my socks until after I get somewhere I'm going to sit and vegetate for awhile. ...D

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