Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"One Ringy Dingy, Two Ringy Dingy...Is This The Party To Whom I Am Speaking.........."

Good Morning;
So I got a bit of cash this morning and bought a Top-Up card for my new phone and went on line here to use it. I found out that I CAN!! swap my old phone number to the new phone, AND the $8.36 balance I had too. DUHHHH!!! I should have went online earlier instead of relying on second hand information. Now my account has been switched to my new phone and credited with the money...the only problem is I cannot get the phone to activate now, and the HELP number is a stupid 'virtual adviser' with a list of questions that do not relate to my problem! Friggin' computers!...LOL. So I sent an e-mail to the service desk, and now I wait.

Next stop is to pick up my monthly bus pass, then for some coffee and food at Mt. Washington, then swing past Monkee's tonight to pay my past due bill and to pick up fresh meds for the next week or two. I may run past the Aquarium to see if I can pick up tickets in advance. It looks as if I will not be able to spend my monthly night in a rented room this month, with laundry and the need to pick up a fairly decent flashlight or lantern, among other things. I also have to plan on some way to trade some grocery credit for cash, after the 7th, to get Rachel some Chanukah gifts, and Christmas gifts for Edward and Devin.
Okayyyy, while I was logging back in for this session I got a reply from Virgin Mobile...from an automated response system...AHHHRRGGGG!! They will be looking at my problem within '24 hours' and will get back to me...and please don'rt reply back to this e-mail address as it is a friggin' robot!!!!
This weekend is a $1.00 special appreciation price at the Aquarium on Saturday and Sunday, I think that the trade off between the $1.00 admission madhouse and the incredibly crowded conditions, and the savings on Friday comes down in favor of spending the extra dollars to be able to simply move about, and miss out on the screaming ghetto atmosphere of the 'dollar days'. What is the point of saving money if you cannot enjoy the exhibits?
I have to express my gratitude to Mary, and Patrick, and Megan, and Ashley, and Veronique, and Molly, and Josh, and Rachel, and the rest of the crew at Starbucks for helping to carry me through the past week and a half with their kindness and courtesy in diverting the mark outs my way instead of to the garbage can. And Megan gave me a real nice compliment the other day, she said I was..."NOT Creepy"!!...(hey, you had to be there and here it in, made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.....LOL!!
it looks as if the rain has started..again, and for the next 2 days.
Well it is supposed to clear up on Friday, but get cold also. It is good that Jenn lives 2 blocks from the Metro, and that the Aquarium is only 4 blocks from the other station/stop.
I am starting to get real ticked off at this phone service, it still says network unavailable..the whole point of doing it online was quicker activation. I'm going to look up a bricks and mortar site now...see you later tonight... or tomorrow.
(or at the coffee shop)...........Dave

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