Thursday, June 11, 2009


Good afternoon;

So I don't really have that much to say, but this happens to be the 200th post on my little blog here. There have been 1569 visitors from about 30 states and 15 countries, (of course a lot of those folks were probably lost.....LOL), I'm pretty damn amazed. I want thank everyone for reading and coming back for more, it has been inspiring and gratifying to know that for whatever reason you all have a desire to check in on this train wreck of a life of mine.

I spent the morning and afternoon with Rachel yesterday at Starbucks and the library. We were on the kids computer when I heard a woman say that looks like Rachel. I turned around and it was my friend Michelle nad her daughter Remy. She looked up and looked past me and then snapped back in to focus and realized I was right in front of her...LOL. We lamented the loss of 'our" Starbucks and the fact that the one where I go is out of her way unless she has the time to really sit, and right now, with her job and Remy between school and camp....she doesn't. We made tentative plans to get Rachel and Remy together some time soon, and we can sit and catch up. There are a few special friends who I really miss seeing on a regular or semi-regular basis. But the simple fact that I was able to develop and cultivate these relationships is truly wonderful, especially in light of the fact that if I was not homeless at the moment, I probably would not have met them....(Benefit # 11....see prev. post ...... LOL).
I went back to Starbucks last night after Rachel went home, (of course we had to stop back at the Giant for an Iced Gingerbread Man cookie for her to eat after dinner.......who me??? twisted around her little finger??? I met with an old friend and former housemate, Jerry, and his wife Ellen, and we watched the rain and thunder and lightning come in from the north, it rained about 3 inches in 2 I just sat and read until 10:30 pm. I did my usual gas station $1.00 Keno stop, no luck. Gary was there and he had hit for a nice amount, so he threw down a $20.00 and said play it and we'll split the winnings. Hit for $10.00 in the first 3 games of Keno and Racetrax, Gary said play it again....from then on it went downhill...but we had a lot of fun yelling at the video screens.......LOL. Luckily it was his money, I don't play like that, only a dollar here or there, and stash any winnings.....or quit.
Went to sleep, after cleaning up the shack from the rain and wind, and back up to the Starbucks, then here.
Out of time for now.....more later..................Dave

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