Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"HUMP DAY...."

Good Afternoon;
As you see I skipped another day, I just didn't feel like coming to the library. I was in and out of the gas station all Monday night using the bathroom, and got very little sleep. I was at the coffee shop early and washed and changed and shaved as best as possible in the bathroom, making do with a,..Sink Shower..Helmet Bath..John Wayne Shower..or..Whores Bath, depending on where you are from. I dropped the last shard of anti-perspirant in the toilet as I was trying to use really started out as one of THOSE days. I had an appointment at Dept. Of Social Services, (Baltimore City ...!!Northwest!!!....if you've ever had to deal with them you Know what that means!), and I was looking forward to it about as much as a root canal or a colonoscopy....(coincidentally, I am in need of both.....LOL).
I left the Starbucks at 10:30 to catch the bus for an 11:30 appt. and as soon as I got off one bus, the second was there, so I was early and expected to have to wait for about 2 hours, based on past experience. I was pleasntly surprised to be called even before I had finished filling out the forms I was given, (that are EXACTLY the same. with no changes of information, as the last 3 sets I filled out, and which are the same as the information on file in the computer....and which the 'worker' skims through, then throws away..???), and led into a room with others who were also only there for a redetermination/recertification. After only a 20 minute wait I saw a 'worker' who proceeded to skim my paperwork..!!..photocopy my photo ID..(again...?? it has not changed...??), and gave me a form telling me I had 10 days to bring a letter/form fron Social Security declaring the status of my case, (pending.....which information is also accessible to them on the computer AND already on file in my file on the computer..), I was back out at the bus stop in a total of 45 minutes..!!!! This may not seem a big deal..UNLESS you have dealt with them before, normally a whole day was wasted for a 15 minute interview, and even just to drop off a document and get a receipt took at least an hour. So we'll see about that soon too.
I went back to the coffee shop, again catching the second bus quickly, and sat and read until 8:30 pm., when I caught the bus "home" to Pikesville, where I stopped in at the Giant and used the bathroom, and visited with some folks I have not seen fopr a few weeks, stopped at the gas station, then went to lay down. So the day was half productive and half lazy.
Today, I did not want to go up to the Starbucks this morning, (I think I have fallen into a rut), I did my morning ablutions at the Giant, visited with Pam and hit the bus before 8:00 am. I ended up on train, so I got off and onto the Light Rail, and went to the corner for an hour, because I've been broke for 3 days, except for food...which I have been overindulging in.
Times up......I'll be back later this afternoon.....Dave

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