Monday, June 15, 2009

"Blue Monday .......again......."

Good evening;
It's been three days almost and I'm just getting around to making a post. I have an halfway excusable reason for Sunday, the only library open being Towson, but for Saturday and Today it's just been a total lack of motivation and energy, coupled with some sleep issues,(like at the wrong times), and the resulting exhaustion. It's pretty much the aftermath of climbing out from the surrounding fog of Jello that encompassed me due to last weeks depression. It was a pretty bad 'incident' as the docs called it, with 'ideations'. I'm a good deal better, but still down and so, so tired. Those "DEPRESSION HURTS" commercials on TV are about 50% as intense as the reality.
If it had not been for the fact that I was able to see Rachel a few times and go to the movies and the magic show with her (and she came to Starbucks again yesterday morning) plus seeing Michelle twice,(I stopped by her office at MICA on Friday just before I hit the corner), it would/could have been much worse.
I sat in the coffee shop Saturday from 6:00 am. to close at 9:00 pm., and sat outside until the rain stopped at 11:00 pm before I left. Except for going back and for the Giant, I did not move. All I did was drink coffee and eat..and eat..and eat, and then had al frsco cocktail with Michael the Barrista after close. I kept planning to go to the library, and then go get some cash and find a shower, but.....I could not find the effort/energy.
Sunday I missed the bus I wanted (it was way!! early) so I went to Monkee's around 8:30 am. to pay her and pick up more meds. (Which I was able to do because as I was in the Giant getting dinner my hunch said play the last dollar on the Keno, and when I handed in the ticket after shopping, it was a $25.00 winner).
As I was getting back to the Starbucks about 10:15 am. Rachel called and asked where I was..They were at the coffee shop....(of course I told the Ex to call me BEFORE she left the house, to be sure I was there....but I got lucky this time)
Time is up I gotta leave now.......................see ya Dave

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