Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Over The Hump..............."

Hi, I'm back for another round;
To Continue;
Two people stopped in 45 minutes and one kind gentleman handed me a $20.00, I really did not want to be out there so this was a great relief of pressure and tension. Looking over my shoulder for the nasty cop is stressful enough, but there have been a rash of incidences of homeless people being harassed and robbed by groups of kids recently that have not made the news because they were not reported to the police,( for various reasons ranging from a fear of the police, a fear of retaliation by the thugs, open warrants, drug and alcohol use and abuse, and the lack of interest shown by the authorities). So, here I am.
I had an e-mail from the EX waiting from yesterday. She and her 'friend' are going out of town on Thursday and Friday, and she offered me the chance to stay at the house and watch Rachel, as a "Father's Day Gift", knowing full well that I am always available to watch her with no inducements. So I have a night inside and a couple days with Rachel coming up, and an opportunity for a much needed shower and a chance to do some laundry also. There's a computer there so I'll be posting something, and we will most likely be at the library too. I am looking forward to some nice normal 'daddy time' with her, without having to break it off after a few hours. Making meals and putting her to bed and just hanging out.
I'm going to get some lunch now and some coffee, I've been 'dry' since 7:00 pm . yesterday, time for a caffeine fix!!
I may be back in the library tonight, I've been reading about one book a day since the Pikesville store closed, and it's time to 're-up' my
I had a short Facebook chat with Alfredo this morning, he is the man whose phone I found, pretty cool that he reads the blog still and stays in touch........gotta go.......Dave

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