Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Night Shift, Third Watch, and The Late, Late, Late, Show..................or......Insomniacs Delight................"

Good evening, or rather, good night;
I am at Rachel's mother's..the for 2 days and a night while she and her live in are off in New Jersey somewhere. I am grateful for the opportunity to spend the time with Rachel but,..I am apalled and disgusted at the way my daughter is being forced to live. The bathroom walls are covered with mold, and the last time they were washed was 2 years ago....I know this because I am the one who did it!!!! All it takes is a bottle of Tilex and a spray with the hand held shower nozzle! When food falls on the kitchen floor it MAY be picked up that day, but the floor won't be washed for weeks and spills are wiped and left to dry. Rachel's bed has had no sheets on the mattress for at least a week, only the blanket she uses, and the floor is covered in her sister's clothes and shoes...(and these are teenagers who are only here on weekends)..and her brothers and her toys. Clean clothes are piled on any flat surface and left in baskets..or stuffed at random in the dresser when there is no other place to dump them.

Not only do I have to worry about a strange man living with my 5 year old daughter, for the obvious reasons, but if this is the way he is willing to live as well as the way the EX is living, now I am worying about the simple fact that she is going to end up like the other 4 kids in school, with no sense of organization or proper sense of order at all. I am seeing lighters left within reach and kitchen knives left at eye level on the counter within reach of her......she is only 5 damn it!!!

I gotta stop before I say something I'm gonna regret.
I want my child to be able to get the education that I did not, and everything that she is being taught, has been proven through study after study to teach hard to unlearn bad habits and limit possibilities for educational growth. And every time I try to bring it up in a calm and reasonable manner....along with the need to get her to the pediatrician..(for over 2 and 1/2 YEARS!!)..I am met with a wall of silence and some throw away agreements, and nothing happens. The EX is allowing her ego to come before her own daughters health and well being, if ANYONE else says a word, they are wrong...she knows better.
Sorry, but I had to get it out...I'm done talking, pleading, cajoling.....if things don't change, and answers are not forthcoming, I'm having my lawyer friend call C.P.S., and D.S.S., as she has been urging me to do for a year.
And if my daughter is being exposed to cigarette smoke in the house or car, the shit will really hit the fan, supposedly he is not smoking in the house, but it smells like stale smoke.
Enough.........Rachel and I watched 'Barbie...Pegasus" today...TWICE!!, and some old 'Toonerville Trolley" cartoons from the '30s and '40s on DVD today, because there is no TV here...(the EX allowed 2 FREE!!! converter box certificates to expire.....that some one else had already gotten for her!!)
Now she is using the excuse that they "Are not TV watchers anyway", ..right......and don't even get me started on the ADD factor.
I had picked up a set of 2 plastic 'push-up-pop' s at the Giant for her, just like the paper ones we got from the truck when we were kids, but these are fill it yourself and washable and reuseable..needless to say ...they were used
so tomorrow morning we are taking the train to Hopkins so I can get some more meds, the back here for lunch and MORE ice cream!
Then I am outta here tomorrow evening.
Oh get this, last night I was in the gas station waiting for the rain to stop and I saw a pile of used LOSING!!! scratch off tickets in the trash can, so just for 'shits and giggles' I picked them out and checked them over......people really are dumb sometimes, I pulled a $1.00, a $2.00, and a $5.00 winner out of there, played $5.00 on the Keno, parlayed that in to $56.00 worth of winners, and ended up leaving with $50.00 after $10.00 for minutes on my phone was subtracted out!!! Can't beat that with a stick....LOL....just goes to show....
"You've Got To Play..(IN THE TRASHJ CAN)..To Win!!!"............LOL!
Alright, new topic. On Tuesday, after I returned to Starbucks from D.S.S., Jonathan pulled me aside and said that the facilities/property manager of the shoping center had come in looking for thr manager and asking about the homeless guy that had been hanging around there. Jonathan told him about me, that i was a customer and knew many people there, and was basically a good guy, and honest, and not any kind of a threat.
As I was sitting outside of the coffee shop wednesday night at closing time waiting for thr next bus to come at 9:39 pm. a man walked to the locked door and knocked, and when Michael let him in I heard him (Mike), say, 'Oh Yeah, you're the manager...". When he came out I said "I hear you are looking for me" and introduced my self. He had not realized I was who he had been checking on, I guess because I had just shaved and changed in to fresh clothes earlier that evening. We talked for about a half hour and he said that he had seen me on the security video footage and his boss had wanted to know what's up. I gave him the abbreviated version of 'Dave's World....', and seemed to allay his fears, and we had a nice conversation after that until I had to catch the bus. I perfectly understand their concerns and told him so and assured him that I was not sleeping anywhere near by, or on the property.
Well I'm going to read for a while and find the least beat up bed to sleep on...they all kill my back here.
Oh by the way, another movie pass wasted!
See you............ Dave

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